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Welcome to the MidSummer/Lammas Tarot Blog Hop, where we gather to blog about Tarot, Oracles and Music, but mostly Tarot… Arwen Lynch Poe has been our Cat Herding, Tarot Reading, MC for this one. I really didn’t have a clue until last night what the core idea for one would be. Although I get the sense that this time around I am literally exploring. In good Jay-style fashion, this means that I have written through blind reading prompts. So let’s get into it shall we…



You may well wonder why there is a Youtube music video in this, well it connects to the first card that you’re about to encounter. It is from the Oracle of E by Pam Grout & Colette Baron-Reid, now all week I have been singing Steve miller Band’s – Abracadabra, and at the time I couldn’t think why, well now it becomes a bit clearer. 


So let’s traverse the sarcasm and insights that come from this Oracle of E; Already I am liking this deck! I’ve opted to leave what the word itself means to those that read, simply because there are so many variations on a theme and I am well beyond the point of quibbling over who has the right definition and who doesn’t. The point of this is that its two fold, I have been in that place where I could do with things being done ‘like magic’ but then what is the point in that as I don’t learn anything and I don’t learn to think, so instead I am opting to think of this in another way, and that is my plans are like a magic waiting to manifest.




I’m in love with this deck, seriously! It speaks to my oddities, as W00T-W00T, albeit spelt differently, is very much how I am trying to look at things in the bigger picture. It’s difficult as I have a few plates juggling at the moment, and at times I keep thinking ‘OK, which one is going to fall first?’ Thankfully none of them at this time. This is a card about being on the brighter side and seeing things as they are and not as I keep believing them to be,  in so many many ways life is good, its just busy.




Realising that the harvest is about reaping and sowing, one of my thought bubbles of late has been about this very thing. What have I been reaping and what have I been sowing. Part of the answer is in this card and it’s the part that says “Know” It has been about knowledge and laying foundations for the future. It’s interesting how these cards have been blindly picked, but yet seem to have got the essence of this hop, thus far.




Rounding off these cards is this one, The Dude Abides; can’t help but just shake my head in amusement. It’s apt, I am doing pretty much that at the moment. Abiding that is; mainly I have reaped knowledge, understanding and to some degree the skills to put them into action. Granted I take an unconventional approach to this, but then as you can see this has been an unconventional deck.



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2 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 19 – Sowing What is Reaped

  • Arwen

    Okay, first, The Steve Miller Band is one of my faves. I got to see them in concert in a very small venue so I was right up next to the stage. They announced that they were releasing their first album in years at that concert. So yeah, Abracabra. loved all of this. I need this deck. 😀

  • Joy Vernon

    Yay! More music. And what a fun deck. I was going to include songs for my cards. I had “Hide Your Love Away” for the 6 of Cups, I was going for the idea that sometimes we hide our talents away because we think we have to and how silly is that. Anyway, I couldn’t come up with songs for all of them and ended up leaving them out. Now I wish I had kept them!

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