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Welcome to the Summer Solstice Tarot Blog Hop, where we gather to blog about Tarot, Oracles and Music, but mostly Tarot… Joy Vernon has been our Cat Herding, Tarot Reading, Mistress of Ceremonies for this one and like all good musicals it’s a kind of unofficial-official sequel to our anniversary blog hop. The core idea I ran with for this was to do with boundaries, the title “Don’t Fence Me In” struck an odd cord this time, and this time around I am only exploring within this article for the blog. Now you’ll be aware of my other blog through Sacred Healer, and that article is first on the list, and this is second; however in good Jay style fashion, I have written this one first and the healer one second. So some of this while not connected directly might feel out of context, but hey every sequel has a plot twist!


If you have read my other articles for the Blog hop then you’ll know I am not one for pre-selecting my cards. The closest I come to that is putting the call out to the decks in my room and wait to see which one will answer, surprisingly the one that answered was my Crystal Tarot. It has sat on the self dormant and content since I was gifted it some 10-12 years ago now; but yet today it sprung to life alongside the Crystal Oracle deck, which you will have or will see on the other post. I have never worked with this deck until today! Now how I work with decks on blog hops is blind-reading. No! Not shut my eyes and hope for the best (honestly, your sense of humour is almost as bad as my own) but rather shuffle, cut and then deal usually a set amount of cards and scan them in. It is only at that point I see the selected cards and then I typically wait until I am writing things up before I link in and receive the information.


For this blog hop, there are three cards in order of scan and I have set the intention for this to be as broad spectrum as possible, in other words where normally I cast my net into the personal and write it up, this time it is for the whole collective. It’s not really a past, present, what’s to come, but rather about the boundaries, the vale falling and the energy that is about to be released and renewed, as oh-gods, gods, old gods, goddesses, and new-gods knows we’re due!


Okay so let’s get started; there are loads of ripples and inclusions on this card. Rhodochrosite, first of looking at the properties of the stone; it’s a heart stone because of its pink colour, this is a stone that is healing on many layers from the surface down into the soul. Its very much a loving stone, so with love comes acceptance and therefore its perhaps time that as a collective started to consider embracing all walks and styles of life. Plus calling out that which is unacceptable, depending on how you see that it can mean attitudes close to home, in the work environment or across the board within the community. It can also be about acceptance of ourselves and our beautiful imperfections. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you need to get prissy about it, own it and then resolve it like the adult you are – which is a tough one to do, because sometimes it means stepping into your power and other times it means stepping out of the way of another’s without confrontation! That is one of the biggest challenges.


As it’s also the Page of Cups, we’re dealing with young minds and naivety. Many of the younger aspects of our collective haven’t even realised they are alive, let alone part of something bigger; for the most part the extent of their understanding is whether they look good on camera, but yet at the same time before they are ingratiated into that mindset some of the most wisest of words and simplicity of the way our world truly is comes from them. Perhaps on the flip side of this the Page is suggesting, lets get back to simply being!


Iron is also called Pyrite, which can also be Fools Gold, but there is nothing foolish at this time, Iron is protecting the collective from a lot more than is getting through at the moment, but its grounding a great deal at the same time, which is why to some degree there are turn-a-rounds, back peddling but also a lot more standing ground and standing up as well. With this being the King Card and of the Wands, the power and indeed fire if left unchecked or indeed just left unfocused or unharnessed tends to get a bit out of control, which is the Yin to the Yang of what is happened in the world right now.


The balance card which is Chrysocolla, this is a teaching card; so here at the solstice, where cycles are coming to their end – right or wrongly – its time for us to be taught lessons and this feels very much on the collective aspect for those that tap into that energy, we’ve got a higher vibration of sentient energies coming in to work with a number of different but pure people, it’s bit like your either there or your not, but while that is happening on the surface and down to some depth, there is benefit to all. Not everyone is meant to dig deep and deal with the tricky stuff, its either not the pathway or its not the right incarnation, whether you believe in that side of things or not.


Rounding off this is the question, well who gets to decide that? – there are many out there who feel its their self-serving purpose to be at the centre of everything (to some degree), so I posed this question to the Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck (another that I have only recently been called to have in service) and the card I pulled was this one: 6 of Water is its given name but the sense I get from this deck is that names, values and attributes that would classically matter just don’t. They just aren’t designed for the traditionalist or puritan mindsets, they’re a soul deck.


This card is answering that question, who decides these things and its a two tier answer, on the surface its the collective, the universe or whatever name you wish to give the all that is. However going deeper into that card, its also the aligned self that is making that call, its the aspect that isn’t incarnate, it exists outside of time, space and causality to act as guardian as well as custodian of our chosen path, no matter what that is. Destiny isn’t some big huge karmic or dharma deal but merely the pathway of lessons that any given soul takes, its what gives us purpose, knowingly or not.


Heavy stuff for a Tarot Blog Hop, but I did say that it was about the boundaries and in this case they’re being dropped. This may not resonate with you in the slightest, and that is perfect because the Yin to that Yang is that it will resonate with others. So irrespective of which side of Tao you are on with this one, thank you for hopping by; you are welcome to leave a comment, just remember that in accordance with new data protection laws, your data (i.e. comment and details) may be held on my site via WordPress and Customizr. If your good with that, I look forward to your comments, if not then thank you for hopping by




4 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 18 – Crystal Visions

  • Karen

    Hmm… certainly your Page of Cups analysis applies to some young minds but my experience is that I am meeting a lot of young minds who are more than painfully aware that they are alive and are experiencing existential angst as the question the meaning, purpose and value of life… The selfie obsessed are more obvious to the world but there’s a ground swell of teens who have stepped away from social media…

    • Jay Post author

      I haven’t as yet met them, but I am kinda limited in what I am witnessing at the moment due to circumstances. However I seem to meet in with a lot of the self orientated and selfie crowds around the big city, where they rarely look up or connect with others in any kind of civil discourse. However the flip side to that is the exact ones your meeting, the ones who are in essence coming into awareness of their realities, this world as it is and it is refreshing to know that many are stepping out of the cyber fog and into this world. Thank you for letting me know that there is hope after all <3

  • Joy Vernon

    Really a perfect deck to break boundaries with! Rocks are so often considered to equate to the element earth, but gemstones and minerals like these clearly are expressing the spiritual side. Yin and Yang indeed!

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