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Welcome to the Mabon / Autumn Equinox Tarot Blog Hop, where we gather to blog about Tarot, Oracles and Music, but mostly Tarot… Jenn Waltner & Louise Underhill are our double trouble Cat Herding, Tarot Reading, MC’s for this one. This month I seem to be ahead of myself in some respects as this entry has been in the making since late August…


Now sadly through one thing and another this is going to be a relatively short one. However my sense is that this is meant to be; I’m using the Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi for this one, its a new deck and actually bought with this hop in mind. I’m not going to linger but rather get straight to the point and heart of the matter. Can there be balance?



The three cards that are chosen collectively suggest that it is possible however, it does require some sacrifice, which is implied by Justice. Although blind, she doesn’t need to see but to simply feel, hear and know. The issue hear is whether we are willing to listen, accept and then act with wisdom. This leads me into the Page of Wands, There is a reluctance here; like the will of the people either have no clue where to turn or what to do, only that there is unhappiness and malcontent right now. Without direction, leadership and understanding those that listen develop deafness and those that see go blind through choice. Neither is acceptable! Then lastly there is the King of Cups, and uneasy lies the crown on this head; it can’t be easy to rule and do it fairly. You need sound counsel and trust in advisers, when you have neither you have no clue whether you are doing right or wrong, you can only rely on you. Perhaps it is time to put the crown to one side and act like a human being rather than a human doing?


Told you it was a quick one, thanks for stopping on by and I will see you on the next hop (maybe, depends on whether I recover from this one…)



8 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 20 – Balancing the Unbalanced

    • Jay Post author

      Yes sadly, I had planned to write it well in advance and then life took hold and there wasn’t time. Then on the day I literally ran out of time, I refuse to pull out of them though, I try to see it through as best (or worst) as I can

  • Arwen Lynch-Poe

    I am a huge fan of the Dreaming Way Tarot. I had the pleasure of getting to meet Rome at Readers Studio this year. He’s a hoot!

    • Jay Post author

      It is awesome when you get the chance to meet and connect with authors and creators. I have met one author/creator and sadly wasn’t impressed after all the hype. Needless to say both their decks have since moved on from my care.

    • Jay Post author

      It’s got a really lovely energy and synergy to it. Pre-loved decks tend to take a little while to warm to me, but this one just seemed to call out the moment I saw it. I’m not sure if it is one for clients or just personal use as yet.

  • Joanne Sprott

    Short, but very focused. I like your interpretations, especially considering the expressions on the cards (Page looking a bit perturbed, etc.). Of two minds on the Dreaming Way. I go back and forth thinking about adding it to my collection. Just one of those decks that is ambivalent with me. Always loving the human being vs. human doing reminder. 🙂

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