One Day Workshops

Throughout the year, I find that I am called into running one day workshops, these are experimental in nature and do not require anything other than the willingness to show up and participate. Having an interest or mind curiosity about the workshop also helps; on this page you will find information including anything that you need to bring with you on the day of the workshop. You will also find some more details on the workshops themselves including the exchange price.


 Journey with the Ancestors – £50

This one day workshop starts with  journeying through the sound of drums, where you will be invited to meet with those who are willing to help you learn; you will be invited to connect with direct blood relatives but you may also feel called to work with others in your own personal karmic lineage (i.e. past lives).

The choice will be yours to make on the day of the workshop, but you will be invited during the lead up to connect in your heart to where you feel is right for you.


You will be asked to bring:

  • Lunch and sharing food
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Something for the altar (optional)
  • A small bag, box or cloth.




 Introduction to Trance Mediumship – £45

Trance Mediumship is an art form that is slowly fading out, very few mediums are working in this way now and very people know what Trance Mediumship actually is. In this one day experiential (and experimental) workshop, I reintroduce the theory and practise of working in the state of Trance.

You Will be Asked to Bring:

  • Lunch & Snack Food
  • Slippers or extra socks
  • Notepad & Pen (useful if you like to journal)




Pathworking through Meditation & Sound – £30

Pathworking through Meditation and Sound is a beautiful and restful way to experience the drums and singing bowls, not only are you able to experience the journey the drums and bowls take you on, but you may also learn how it feels to simply surrender and relax into sound itself. There is nothing to bring except the willingness to let go and experience.