Planned Changes and Updates


At the moment this site is in constant flux, which to be perfectly honest is not uncommon. I have a lot coming into completion as 2018 continues to unfold; therefore I have decided that the site should have some kind of what is happening or updates page, but right now that would be pointless so I made this one as a way of showing and telling what is currently happening for me.


So far this year I have accomplished a great deal in terms of learning and also understanding my direction. However I have still a bit to go; this page is going to explain what I have still to complete and what I have completed so far in 2018.


Let’s start with what is currently completed:


    • Award in Education and Training
    • Disclosure Scotland
    • T’ai Chi Diploma
    • Chi Gung Diploma
    • FTW: Eastern Facial Massage
    • Emergency First Aid at Work
    • Chinese Massage & Acupressure
    • Advanced Crystal Healing


This is what is currently in process:


    • Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
    • BSY T’ai Chi Diploma
    • BSY Chi Gung Diploma
    • BSY Acupuncture / Acupressure
    • Meridian Psychotherpy
    • VTCT Massage Diploma
    • VTCT Thermal Auricular Therapy
    • Colour Therapy


One of the biggest head scratches that I find crops up is where is this all headed, why do I have so many qualifications. The answer to that one is that as well as becoming qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have a goal in mind that means having at least some background experience in the ways of holistic qualifications but that is as far as I am prepared to take it right now.


There is still a lot of theory and practical work to be done! This page will be updated as time progresses and more of the qualifications are completed. The What’s Up and Coming page will be created once the qualifications are all done, in the meantime this is the page to come and see what has been crossed off the shopping list.