Tarot Blog Hop: Master List – Samhain 2017

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop;


My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Wrangler and Cat Herder Extraordinaire for the hop. This is the Master List or the “Don’t Panic” of The Tarot Reader’s Guide to the Blog Hop… In other words it’s a good place to come back to if you end up getting lost when you’re reading the blogs; the order has been created from the sign up list on the Facebook Group (if that is how you arrived here).


If you are new to the Blog Hop Scene and are a member of the group there is an amazing FAQ guide on the group that explains the whole concept so it is worthwhile finding that post/document and having a read. Okay so below this passage of text you will find the shuffled list and both above as below (a nod to all the witches, pagans and heathens out there) you will find the links to the blogs.


As this is the master list, the next blog link will start you at the first blog and as you may have guessed the Previous link takes you to the last blog on the shuffled list.


If you spot any issues with this master list, I would ask you to highlight them in the Facebook Group, as you ride the wave and take a trip through each of the fantastic bloggers and their insights on offer this month, don’t forget to leave a comment, where possible and if you like what you see then why not spread the word so that others can engage with what you have seen.


May your towel be as fresh as your underwear…

Jay Cassels


Samhain 2017 Tarot Hop Blog List


Just as a reminder, the topic in the Facebook Group; Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is Dead, Long Live The King)… Birth, Death and Re-birth; Following on from Last year’s Ancestors Post from the Samhain Blog Hop set by Louise Underhill. Another Year has reached its conclusion and collectively as well as individually we’ve experienced change. Through these changes, we’ve received many gifts from our Lineage.


For this year’s Samhain Hop, I am interested to find out where you are at the end of this cycle. Using either a single card or a three card spread from your chosen deck, what do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, in other words where have you been? what do they tell you about where you are headed, in other words what is next for you? – What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


Shuffled List

1. Morgan Drake Eckstein | Death so Much Death, Where Can I Order

2. Joy Vernon | http://joyvernon.com/Blog/le-roi-est-xiii/

3. Hannah Berg | Tarot Blog Hop: Midfallsamhain

4. Alison Coals | Samhuinn 2017: Birth

5. Lore M | Birth Death and Rebirth

6. Arwen Lynch | Handbaskets

7. Jay Cassels | Tarot Blog Hop – Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

8. Boglarka Kiss | Tarot Blog Hop: Samhainmidfall 2017

9. Benebell Wen | https://wp.me/p32or0-2J1

10. Katalin Patnaik | https://katalinpatnaik.wordpress.com/?p=1958

11.. Joanne Sprott | life cycle retrospective samhain tarot-blog-hop

12. Melissa Halstead |http://www.writersoracle.com/2017/10/in-the-shadows-of-samhain/

13. Jenn Waltner | http://phoenix-lotus.com/2017-samhain-tbh/


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