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Welcome to the Beltane Tarot Blog Hop! If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then hello and if you have then you can skip this bit and head on down to the next paragraph… Okay let me briefly explain: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with tarot as part of their everyday lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusual objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second…


Arwen Lynch Poe (Wrangler):  Since Beltane is a holiday of coming together, I thought it would be fun to answer this question: “Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?”


It is a day for really keeping it simple. hot off the heels of my anniversary where we birthed a Stag and Horse drum with Hubby. I was lucky to be granted the chance of travelling to the otherworlds, had some of the most intense processes and then add to that the mad ways of how amazingly hard it was to get there and then amazingly simple it was to get home… Its taught me a great deal. Taught me about divination in the most straightforward of ways imaginable, nature knows!


Not just outside nature but also inside nature, human nature; one of the most complex structures ever known to exist is the nature of our own self. Yet feeling my way through this was really interesting because I was not only feeling my way but full fledged five natural senses and then the five psychic senses on top sensing my way through this. Now by this point you’ll be trying to work out what the hell all this has to do with Tarot and this hop…


Simples really, no matter how you wrap it up in words and place a bow on it, your working with all the senses; even the ones you haven’t figured out yet. You don’t just a read a person by their cards, you read that person the cards are an extension of that person, you are apart of that reading as well, because they are your cards. You see the mirrors and the reflections, you see what they don’t because you are the reader after all.


To extend out and use another divination tool on top is just another layer, another chapter of that client’s story; be it oracle, runes, be it a star chart or their hand, be it a crystal ball or someone from the the higher side walking forward it is another chapter, another layer peeled away to show you their core. Tarot is simple, its 78 pieces of a jigsaw, 78 depictions of life, 78 single pages but when put together, when weaved and shuffled, those 78 simple, jigsaw, pages and depictions, they’re no longer simple.


They are the weave of life, the clients life and answering their questions, finding their answers and reading their soul and giving them the truths they’re sometimes not ready for… well that is anything but simple….


Thanks for stopping by xx


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10 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 9 – Keeping it Simple…

    • Jay Post author

      That’s exactly how it feels sometimes, I see the tarot as well as other systems of divination as mirrors that are endlessly reflective; each client or each reading seems to have an aspect that we as a reader resonate with and from the sense that I get, this reflection or resonance allows us to find the solution/answer or direction because on some level we’ve been there either in this life time or sometimes in other lifetimes.

      They aren’t ever direct comparisons, although for some that has happened. It’s navigating that golden web or plucking the right fruit from the tree of life that grants us the knowing and knowledge to help others in the best way we feel is right for them (i.e. the client). I think that’s why some have difficultly with the concept of reading for themselves, the reflection that gets cast is not always that easy to look at 🙂 – thank you for your comment Karen xxx

  • Chloe

    As you say, there are plenty of layers within any reading. And I so agree that the reader is a part of the reading, too, not just an external observer! What questions they ask will depend on what questions you ask, and it all plays in together… 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      That’s it! That is it completely, we’re a mirror and a part of the reflected answer. We see what they can’t (or won’t) and get a sense of who they are and sometimes even what they want to be and are able to tell the client truthfully but also in a manner, which they’ll respond to, but as a client and I were saying earlier, we’re not there to fix.

    • Jay Post author

      Ah, thank you Vivianne; you know I do love all aspects of the work I do and have loved the art of divination through card, crystals, runes or sometimes just sitting with someone and allowing the natural flow unfold what it must as well.

    • Jay Post author

      Thank you so much Joanne; and I completely agree, divination is an exploration of the multi-layered sense experience we call life. It is truly amazing to be able to not only be a mirror for someone but to help them shift whatever stops them in their tracks. This profound thing seems to be a trend at the moment heh 🙂

  • M. Juniper

    I echo and agree…! Divination seems completely subjective and found in the relationship of the reader, seeker, symbols, time and place. Which layers we see and access can vary so widely. Great example!

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