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As Time Goes By…


Okay let’s do the customary introductions first… Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous inspired this month, which in a nutshell is the relationship between Magic (or Magik) and Tarot. This is a challenge for me but instead of running or opting out of from the challenge I have decided to take it onboard and feel my way through it from my own unique vantage point.


If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then welcome; let me briefly explain about this: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with tarot as part of their every day lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusually pointy objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second. This time (and probably wisely done) I am the last, so you’ll end up at the start again when you use the Next Blog at the top or bottom of this post…


This topic presents a rather interesting challenge, one that I am not even sure I can fully explore; I really don’t see the Tarot as most do, I rarely pay attention to the conventions, the wyrd or even the astrological, mythological or alchemical elements to the tarot; those are only useful if you have a connection or relationship to them already, through study or background. They can bog you down in the minutiae details, just as much as they can enhance the reading. What is the point in knowing you have an aires in the spread if the other person hasn’t a clue about astrology, or where would be the point in telling someone don’t get involved with a situation where you have someone that is very much a hero with a weakness like Achilles, when they’ve never read or studied mythology?


It’s not that these things aren’t relevant because they are, for the one giving the reading; using these references it allows us to explain that someone who has a very powerful but focused attention may not be the best person to be around, if you aren’t able to keep up with them and they’re not willing to see they’re own flaws. Just as its better to be careful when dealing with people in power or people that are only interested in stepping on others, because to show them your weakness, your soft point only makes you their next target.


My ability to ‘step into death’ was a phrase coined by for want of a better word, a mentor. When it was first used I realised that this is what happens when a medium like myself transcends the confines of fear. It’s okay to step into death and communicate with those that are on the other side of the this veil, I have been here before countless times in other lives and also a few times in this; so to stand in this place and welcome the love from the other side is a bit like magic, it gives those that I work with peace and proof. The tarot factors into this as well, because like stepping into death, I am able to become a mirror, able to sense who this person is and see it reflected within the card dealt by them.


The solutions then begin to present and unveil themselves, the more my client shows up. As the mirror I already know that this is what is happening because I feel it and reflect it. Again this is my magic and several moons ago now, I let go of lables. I let go of attempting to make sense of what this is. I have given it many names and none fit; Witch, Mage, Wiccan, Pagan and Celt, none of these fit. Mystic, Oracle, Medium, Clairvoyant; again none of them fit…


I wonder sometimes if I am maybe a Shaman, even though I have had no formal Shaman training; and this feels wrong because it is older than Shamanism, perhaps I should reconsider and consider this way of being Delphi’s Gift, a Celt/Pagan Oracle Wiseman; you see none of these fit, they are either too tight or too loose. Thing is maybe it doesn’t have a name or a title because where this comes from it didn’t need one, there wasn’t a need to give this a lable.


All I do know is that it extends beyond Tarot, gave birth to the concept of Medium, who it turn helped to nurture the Wytch, who then extended the family and adopted the odd Clairvoyant. It allows me to help, heal and bring home those that need to come home, but most of all it means that I get to show up every day and its never dull…

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11 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 8 – Questioning Time

    • Jay Post author

      I tend to give over to the moment and connect with the theme; some hops it follows organically with what is written and then with this kind of hop it seems to just find a bite point, something in the text that would like explored. I rarely know the outcome at the end, although I do have a plan (every so often)

  • M.Juniper

    I like to say we all ‘wear glasses’ in how we interpret and connect tarot, the visible & invisible. So true that our words and stories can “bog or enhance”. You gave a great reminder to be open that which is greater than language <3

    • Jay Post author

      When I first discovered Tarot, I picked a French deck and I had failed French at school so I totally relied on the impressions from the image and also from the way each card ‘spoke’ since I am a visual person, this method worked. It’s purely the types of training that I have done, made me aware of just how our ‘stories’ are a barrier and as you so rightly point out M.Juniper, they either positively enhance or negatively bog down what is happening. Thank you for sharing your insights <3

    • Jay Post author

      Heh, thanks James; I have written a lot of things in the past and I tend to use narrative in a lot of what I do currently. It’s something that I don’t even realise I use to be honest.

    • Jay Post author

      It’s that human curiousity thing, I find that from time to time I will get asked about my therapy work or how I learnt to work with the cards the way I do and although I explain it as best I can, I do find that I am left with this odd feeling of maybe one day I should name this thing. How true you are when you say it is fun, Morgan; vexing but fun.

  • Karen Sealey

    As the mirror I don’t think it matters too much what name you use as people will always people will use their own words to describe what they see… like the story of the blind men and the elephant….

  • Joanne Sprott

    Agreeing with Karen here about people giving names to us for their own purposes. But I also struggle with labeling what it is I am (not so much “do”). There’s a connection to energies that is beyond language, I think is what stumps us.

    I love how you explored this struggle, though, and choose to simply move with what feels right. I have a feeling that your method serves you and your clients very well.

    And James is right also; love your writing for its own sake.

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