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Welcome to the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop;


Hello, welcome, don’t stand there on ceremony or give me that critical eye thing; you should be familiar with my ways by now. Ah so your new to this that’s okay; honesty just put your deck down over there for a few, hang up your broom over there by the door and grab some left overs from last months Blog hop, they’re fresh out the time portal. Tonight is about honouring the ancestors after all its Samhain, All Hallows or Día de Muertos, if you happen to speak Spanish or come from Mexico.


This is my time of the year (except maybe for driving in the dark), there is a chill to the air, you know the snow or at the very least the frost and ice is about to start forming and let’s face it, the spooks and ghouls (oh and freaky fools) start to wake up. This time around I don’t have any plans that can go awry but I know that it’s important to follow this one through, because not only will it be relevant to the Blog Hop but I also sense that its going to be honest, revealing and mildly sentimental. So if its not you thing or you feel that you may end up doing a disservice to your ancestors and mine with you comments, then maybe best to just skip ahead.

WhoisMeet my family, this is dad, mum and me; hubby is the one taking the photo. Dad’s been with the ancestors now for going on five years. He was terminally ill with a progressively degenerative condition known as MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and it was just all to do with when he was ready to let go and return home. My family was and still is awesome, a bit crazed at times, disjointed and touched or tainted (really depends on how you look at it). Dad in his own way was empathic and the other side (meaning mum’s), well I am convinced that my grandma coming from fishing folk (so I’m told) was a seer, she would do the tea leaf readings and the palms for folks but stopped when she witnessed/foresaw my aunt in an accident.

Thing is all that had to end up somewhere, so it chose me or rather I believe I chose it. All through my life cycle this time around it’s been in the background and then one day it decided to get acquainted with me and well since then it’s been nonstop. I will get to that, there is something that I need to deal with first…

I think what brought home this year to me was getting married, it changed and yet expanded my life in ways I really didn’t think was possible. Two words within a sentence and suddenly I have a whole new set of ancestors that I didn’t even know in my life, which is massively wyrd when you have a great uncle and a ancestral king from a family you’ve known a little bit about and now suddenly they want to tell you their story in dream-o-vision, complete with bloody murder and up close and personal madness.



WhoisHowever I have learnt to deal with death; both the card and the moment of death. You see I have felt the passing and witnessed the passing of more than one member of the family line, it’s odd because the sense of peace and beauty that comes from it, the understanding and complete knowledge that you obtain from being the witness is, well it has no words. The picture here is of my father-in-law, husband, myself and my mum; I felt my father-in-law pass to the higher side of life, it began the day he made peace with his son.

It is a personally held belief of mine that some moments are sacred and only meant to be witnessed by the family themselves. Without needing to be in that room, I knew that everything they needed to say, all the moments that needed to be, happened in that room and then when it was done, my father-in-law had decided there was no more needing done and chose to meet his wife, my dad and all the others that wait beyond the veil for us. I do think there is a beauty in that; we may not get to decide how we are going to exit, but at least once its happened, there is some solace in the knowledge we’ll be made welcome…



tarotThis weekend I went on an ancestral healing workshop, a lot happened on the workshop and I was able to witness a great deal, work with the tools that we learnt but I also connected with all four of the family lines; my dad’s, mum’s, hubby’s and also my past lives; the part I am glad about is none of the lines needed to have it out with me or me with them. I seem to have a healthy respect for all of them and know I can call on them when I need to as well.

This started me thinking in terms of Tarot, maybe it is possible to help clear the past using the representations presented in the cards, we have plenty of archetypes to work with from Hierophant as the grandfather to the Emperor as the father, but is there a Grandmother figure within the traditional deck? The mother is represented as the Empress, the daughter as the High Priestess, with the Star as the virginal sister. The fool the son and the Magician the brother, but where do you find the Grandmother? Originally I thought it may have been The World, but thinking about it this can have too many representations. I know that a lot of it depends on the deck but I am just thinking of the general rule for the major deck as it was in the like of rider-waite or the IJJ Swiss.



I have a varied family tree and my past lives are certainly very interesting and there is a wealth of understanding and knowledge within them that they allow me to access when it’s needed. Having learnt from my Grandma on Mums side how to read not only cards but also tea as well as the Crystal Ball, mainly from the spirit side than here on the physical, plus learning to come into alignment with the empathy and sense of things as I have, I have come to realise that being a seer or oracle is not to be taken lightly. The more I write (and yes edit) this I am not sure that I would use a Tarot deck to help heal wounds of the past, mainly because one set of grumpy ancestors is enough but an entire spirit world of them, no thanks! 


A huge thanks and shout to our Cat Herder and Blog Wrangler Louise for this idea, do leave me a thought, a comment or a WTF if you feel like it and enjoy the rest of the tour, don’t forget your deck, your broom and great uncle bulgaria’s map of the internet in binary for the blind on your way out… 



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16 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 5 – Walking with the Ancestors

  • Chloe

    Lovely to meet some of your family, here and in the hereafter 🙂 As for your question, I’d choose the Moon to represent the Grandmother 🙂 Probably because of the depiction in the Ancestral Path Tarot (my second deck but my first love)… Blessings to you and yours!

    • Jay Post author

      Bright Blessings Chloe; ooh I hadn’t thought of that one and yeah now that you say it I would agree with you, thanks! Yes! The Moon, her three phases, the feminine divine aspect, perfect! Thank you again <3

    • Jay Post author

      <3 thank you Arwen, it was one of those moments where you inherently know the right course of action is to just take a seat, read a book and let the emotional nature of loved ones take its course. It was a peaceful passing from what we were told, so I am thankful for that as well.

  • Ania

    My maternal grandmother was apparently the local wise woman, so if I had to assign a card to her, I might think along the lines of The High Priestess…maybe. HP lacks the maternal element that is part of being a grandmother though, so perhaps she’s just another level of Empress (the Dowager Empress?). Hmm, certainly something to think about.

    • Jay Post author

      That’s the trouble with trying to find family in the cards, I could easily see the grandmother as the HP within a deck; there is age, wisdom, experience of life and ageless beauty that all fit the card. I find that the representations in the cards always depict the HP as youthful, innocence and even virginal, although in common lore that is because it is set to be taken by either the chosen High Priest or an accolade depending on deck and tradition of the coven (in terms of the olde wyrd ways of the druids or covens). However the realities outside of that are indeed that an HP can be any age, and have earn the respect of their communities and families, much like our own grandparents, so yeah as you say it does make you think. Thank you for your comment Ania <3

  • Olivia

    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing a bit of your family! Interestingly, in the Vision Quest deck the Empress is renamed Grandmother, and all of the Queens are various aspects of Mother. Be well!

    • Jay Post author

      The name of that deck sounds familiar, I wonder if I have it? Will need to have a rummage through them all and find out. Never really considered that about the Queens, mind you when they crop up in a reading they’re usually adopting the traits of a person or situation I am needing to bring into the light. I must take a look at the Queen’s when I am not reading and see if they present themselves as mother archetypes or traits. Thank you for that gift of making me reconsider/add to my knowledge <3

  • Karen Sealey

    Interesting question… I weighed up a few options for the Grandmother and finally settled on the Moon as it feels like the High Priestess but with the benefit of a few more years of wisdom…

    • Jay Post author

      The Moon does seem to be the most logical choice, as I have been working through the comments and catching up, that is the one card that keeps on being mentioned, so I am thinking that is the one with the strongest connection to Grandmother Spirits.

  • Deirdre

    I too like the idea that The Moon might be the Grandmother, although I thought perhaps also The Hermit. In the Motherpeace deck The Hermit is renamed The Crone and I always like that when I see it 🙂 Thanks for you post.

    • Jay Post author

      Your welcome, I’ve never really thought about the yin/yang opposites of the Cards, but yes! now that you mention it the Crone/Hermit connection makes perfect sense 🙂

  • Alison

    For my paternal grandmother I’d probably choose The Devil! Mostly for the link with Capricorn (she had both Sun and Saturn in that sign). I’d use the Thoth’s version too – that goat has the same wicked smile she had. For my maternal grandmother…that’s harder, as she died long before I was born so I have no real sense of her. Elusive, so perhaps the Moon – or The High Priestess.

    • Jay Post author

      Fascinating, love how you make the connections. Now I need to go have a look at my Thoth Decks (I have two named Thoth) so see that smile you mentioned 🙂

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