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Tarot Blog Hop: Those Who Teach…



Firstly before I say anything else, I am really sorry to Joanne Sprott and my fellow TBHer’s. This months round has fallen at the same time our holiday celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I’m designated driver and our journey is a long one up to Dundee in Scotland. So this is the first time I have ever scheduled my post. So I won’t be able to edit my links until Wednesday.



Morgan Drake Eckstein set this month’s topic in which he posed us this idea: What lesson I can (could) teach the world…, which in all honesty has all the hall-markings of synchronicity at work, considering that this time last week I had just finished taking a class through an introduction to Rune Stones and how to work with them.



The other part to this having all the hall-markings of the Universe at work is that on this same day, I had my own reading done and in it this very subject appeared. The idea of becoming a trainer/teacher is something that I have flirted before, but this time I am not limiting myself to just Reiki or Tarot, and not just my platform work either but this also allows me to teach Massage and Acupressure as well as all the other parts that I have learnt over time and everything that I am learning too.



Tarot has open yet another door in the ever evolving journey. I have the bookmark waiting, its just timing things right… I will as always keep you posted.



Sorry that this has been a short one this time around. It partially holiday/anniversary timing but also in part because I have no idea if the whole scheduling will work, it is the first time I have tried it…


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