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TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHI have just about recovered from Samhain, I think I have just about found all the bits of the juggled exploding people that took part and managed to put most of the pieces back together. So now it’s Ania M’s turn to juggle with cats, TNT and live eclectic eels. As this Blog Hop falls on the Solstice; Ania has posed a lovely thought-form for this last turn of the wheel in 2017…


As we approach the final festival of the calendar year, we prepare for a time of feasting and drinking. Whether you are observing Yule, the winter solstice, Christmas, any other holiday, or just being able to down tools for a few days, it is a time for celebration and also for anticipation and wishes. With this in mind and before you fling yourself headlong into the spirit of seasonal over-indulgence, take a moment to reflect on what this year has brought you and what you wish for the next year to bring. Which card(s) best represent or celebrate your past year and which best represent your wishes for the year ahead. You can either select the cards you think fit best, or draw them randomly and see what the Tarot thinks.


Pale Rider Jumping Over the Moon


Pale Rider, jumping over the moon is not only a reference to a song lyric but also to the tarot also. Pale rider, is Death in all her forms and the Moon, imagery I think is very important both textually and also visually, after all that is part of the appeal to the Tarot, we connect and resonate with the images. It is very much the same with the Oracle decks as well, although I sometimes like working with Ogham and Runes, where its the patterns, the symbols and the connection to the Ancestors that really shine through. However trying to scan and scry at the same time, is not always that easy…

TBHSo putting the Ogham, Runes Stones and Crystal Balls to the one side for now, I would normally reach out for the Energy Oracle, Mythic, Dragon or Rune Cards for doing an introspection type spread. However this time, I have chosen not to go with the familiar and ask The Golden Tarot and Kuan Yin Oracle for their perspective and in place of an astrological or calendar review, I am simply doing a variation on the Name spread, where it is my public persona (Jay) that I using as a focus.

The public persona spread has its basis from the name spread, which is a layout over 3 rows and 3 columns. The focus on the past, present and looking ahead. The cards are shuffled, split and then from the chose side, the name is then spelt out and depending on the name there can be a known by, given and last name or first, middle and last. Naturally there can be many variants on this theme, it purely depends on the questioner.

In this adaptation, only the public persona or known by name is needed. As I did the prep for this a fourth card fell out and wanted recognition, I gave this card the title of ‘X’ or the unknown factor. To add a bit of random chance to this, I literally laid the cards on the scanner and let the computer do its thing. The only time I saw the cards was the preview and now I have them scanned in order and laid out on my desk in that same order. This is the part where I take a look at what they have to offer me before I consult with the Kuan Yin Oracle for its insight.

Between Mind & Heart

TBHIt’s always interesting to me when the cards elect to show me sides that I had not really taken into consideration or thought about on any deep levels. The Seven of Coins, in this particular deck is flagging up how introspective this year has actually been, and it’s also shown me the road that I have been on and the fact that I have not been alone on this quest I guess you could call it. The red sheet is very striking in that I have been in the introspection not looking at all aspects, in other words while I have been digging deep, I should have stopped to take stock on the surroundings and appreciated just how far I have come.

TBHEvery time The Tower appears for me I am reminded of “The path of excess, leads to The Tower of wisdom” for me The Tower represents what happens when I get into my head space and forget to ‘land’ and this resonates because for a time I literally was trapped within the head-space, however wisdom taught me the value of living in the body and being in the now. I see what is happening around me and that in many ways chaos is reigning but I have chosen not to allow its affects to cross the threshold of this land I am on.

The Tower now is representing all the ripples around me and it represents the ability I have to stay calm in the chaos and act as an anchor for those that are going through a process. Have I perfected this, of course not! It is an ongoing and every changing learning curve where one size doesn’t fit all. I find now that my ivory tower is stones on the ground, those stones are ever casting new directions and pathways, strangely I have a lot to thank the tower for.

TBHIt truly is a blessing to see the Queen of Cups sitting here, as this card represents all the good and positive, I very much recognise who this card is representing. It is the card of my family, as despite his height; hubby like mother are both loyal and have a dignity that really is amazing. I find that family is my home, my strength but also doesn’t define or limit me, they inspire me to be better and do more because they support me, just as much as the land and the universe support me.

What do these cards; The Seven of Coins, The Tower and Queen of Cups show me collectively? Well interestingly enough they show the pathway of this year, from success and introspection, to tough choices and the wisdom that has come from them and into the support and compassion to know that everything is as it should be at this moment. A true blessing of the cards in many ways and now to see what the unknown element or ‘X’ has to show me.

TBHAh what is not to love about The Empress, she is speaking volumes about the future, the birthing of my next phase at the coming spring of 2018, reaching my peaking and being able to know myself, what I am able to do and also support myself and others through the knowledge, her crown speaks of knowledge and trusting in the source. The vulnerability of the small babe in her arms, the innocence and sometimes nakedness of the souls I will be in service to as just as vulnerable as a babe. It is embracing without fear the perfectly imperfect nature of my work and acceptance of where this leads.

T.N.T for the Brain…

TBHAs I conclude I am looking to the Kuan Yin Oracle, the downside in some ways to this deck is that the writing and wisdom is in a book rather than on the card itself, which I would have liked but it makes using them delightful as well because, it requires listening to the inner sage and its wisdom, so lets see what they have to say… How I am working with these is to just simply fan spread them with just a brief shuffle since they are brand new and in order. I am interested to see where my eye is drawn to.

TBHShining Lotus, is a very rich card just in its beauty alone. However as I look at the card with all my senses its not only rich in its beauty but also its elegance. It speaks of my work doing Tai Chi & Qi Gong, not only for myself but also with others as well. It tells me not to worry and to just be in acceptance of the gifts I am learning and will share as well through this, both spiritual and also physical as well. Her face his truly serene and graceful, just like Tai Chi & Qi Gong are. The form in which she sits but also moves, just speaks of simple elegance and being.

Maybe in some wyrd way I have adopted the role of the pale rider, and witnessing my journey of this wheel has only been possible by jumping over the moon. Then again maybe it is only a reference to a song lyric, I will let you be the your own Judgement card on that one. However the one thing that is a definite at this point is you’ve reached the end of this entry for the Tarot Blog Hop. It has been a pleasure to take you on this journey, if you feel like it please leave me a comment. Until the next time, may you enjoy the rest of your journey through the hop.



14 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 14 – Pale Rider Jumping Over the Moon

  • Arwen Lynch-Poe

    Very twisty, turny. I will have to revisit it…gladly. I was intrigued by drawing then scanning without knowing. I will have to try that. Good job, fella!

    • Jay Post author

      I totally recommend it, couldn’t have anticipated any of the cards that came out for me. I was a bit like what the hell is next with some of them πŸ™‚

    • Jay Post author

      Thank you Joy πŸ™‚ The 2018 Wheel is certainly starting to feel like its both an ending and beginning. My dyslexic brain can’t always work with the Gregorian Calendar since its 100+ years out of date, so I like working with the wheel but this one really has a watch this space vibe.

    • Jay Post author

      It was song lyrics that actually changed the way I view the tower “The path of excess, leads to The Tower of Wisdom.” and also the title All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan and his lyric “There must be somewhere out of here … There’s too much confusion” both of them changed my view of the card to a representation of The Tower of Babel, where there was so much confusion and all the different languages then erupted. However in this case all the different meanings, understandings, lore and imagery that is so rich with the Tarot.

  • Ania

    Beautiful cards. I love the idea of the Tower being ripples – I always have a bit of a mental association with a beleaguered lighthouse, so ripples rather than crashing waves has to be a good thing πŸ˜€

    • Jay Post author

      I think at some point I began to see The Tower more like The Tower of Babel, in that it is a moment of purity where everything and nothing collide with one another in a perfect storm. The ripples are the affects of the storm echoing out touching all relevant aspects of life before the calm of understanding and clarity as well as any lessons from it become apparent.

      Thanks for setting up this thought form for us to explore, it has been awesome seeing the ripples and interpretations from it.

  • Casper

    I love how deep you go into the imagery of the card. It’s something I sometimes neglect, in lieu of just the “card meaning” that I’m familiar with. I also find your interpretation of the Tower very interesting, where you’re sort of in the eye of the storm, instead of being broken down.

    • Jay Post author

      I learnt about the meanings of the cards later on, I visually learnt what the cards meant through looking at them and then later discovered their meanings. It’s something if the topic leans into it, I may revisit. Thank you for stopping by, it has been a pleasure hopping with you πŸ™‚

  • Joanne Sprott

    Shining Lotus feels like the heart of the message. I resonated with her beyond Word level, even though your other cards for the Golden Tarot were also very interesting. πŸ™‚

    • Jay Post author

      There is something very striking about that entire deck, it isn’t one that I would normally be drawn too, but this one pulled me in and spoke to me. A lot of this deck feels very heart based.

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