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TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re  composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHKiss Boglárka, came up with a different theme for this month; TAROT Characters and Sacred Cooking OR TAROT Characters and Mabon Beauty Products, now this for me is not a strong point, yes I cook and yes I do have an admiration for beauty but I have never really taken too much of an active interest to be able to blog or discuss either of them at length,
so rather than attempt to do it, I came up with an alternative way into this topic.


TBHWhen learning anything new, we look at the book, so in cookery we’re following a pre-planned instruction set, until we get used to it and then improvise. Likewise is beauty, we follow the guide of the person who sold us the product or watch online videos; and it is the same when we learn to work with an unfamiliar deck author. True most cards end up meaning the same anyway regardless of the name, but its the language of the deck and its energy when we work with it that we kind of need to understand.


TBHThis notion of energy and learning the language of the deck, occurred this week while during a reading, I came up against XX – Karma, which is in The Witches Tarot, this takes the place of XX – Judgement from decks like the Rider-Waite. After the reading was completed, I sat with this idea for a bit, was this like a pre-planned instruction, was it the same as someone giving you the guide on how to apply the ideology of Judgement but giving it another name, or was this more like an improvisation, where someone has improved on the original design? It certain felt curious the more I sat with this.


TBHRecently I picked up a cross-genre deck, by that I mean it services two purposes; the first is a tie-in to a table top war game and the second as a stand alone Tarot deck. It is called the Tarot of Loka, by Riverhorse Games and by all accounts it is fascinating to learn the language from a Cartomancy point of view. It speaks in such a complex but simple language, about different aspects but as yet I am not sure whether there is a functional use, much like the Dishonoured deck, pretty, interesting but very insular and unfriendly for reading with.


TBHOddly it makes me think of the I-Ching, one of the most complex but yet accurate divintation tool around, like Runes, it is a system unto itself, and learning that system can be slow going and sometimes just when you are ready to quit, it makes itself known, almost like it is testing you. In many ways again a bit like trial and error with cookery and beauty, only by working, trying and testing do you know what is good and what is not.


Thank you for the company as I have taken you through a somewhat different avenue for this months Tarot Blog Hop, next month is the Samhain Hop, which will mean that I am taking the wrangling reins, so plenty of time to start thinking (or fleeing).




13 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 12 – A Different Kind of Journey…

  • Katalin Patnaik

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Jay! 🙂 How nice that both you and Boglárka used the Witches Tarot! 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      I am just after saying that it wasn’t planned on any conscious level but that isn’t to say on the energetic level we didn’t decide it, after all we were co-wrangling. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Boglarka Kiss

    🙂 Jay, wow – when I saw the Lovers card from the Tarot of the Witches – have you seen my post? They will think we have agreed on this card! It was just flowing in front of my eyes for days – and you chose the same card among others! Awesome post, thank you for sharing! And if you need a Co-Wrangler in the future… 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      I hadn’t actually seen your post, but had a double-take when I read it. There was the same card, almost in a mirrored position. Heh, maybe we did on the sub-subconscious level, after all we co-wrangled this one lol.

    • Jay Post author

      Couldn’t agree more, I have some right moody ones in my collection and at least two that need to be kept in a salted copper box, purely because they are some of the moodiest decks I have ever come into possession of…

    • Jay Post author

      Thanks Robin, and welcome into the wonderful world of Blog Hopping; there’s a lovely space by the window and the straight jackets are very comfy once you get used to them 😛

    • Jay Post author

      I have pictures somewhere on either here or my PC of a reading that I tried to do with the Dishonoured Deck, it wasn’t easy and it was before I learnt that it was a tie in to something that happens in-game. I had bought the deck and PS3 game as a set but never played the game, since it was the deck that interested me more…

  • Joanne Sprott

    I totally see this. The make up for our faces is paint, really, to disguise and enhance. Same with a tarot deck, as you have also pointed out. Cooking is also art. Thanks for bringing all the pieces together. 🙂

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