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Welcome to the Lughnasadh Tarot Blog Hop! If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then welcome and if you have then welcome back… Let me briefly explain how I view a Blog Hop: It is a meeting of the minds, where a talented group of unique and experienced people, write/blog and typically work with tarot as part of their everyday lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusual objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second…



This is quite a huge one for me, as I begin the Dekas worth of blog posts with the Tarot Blog Hop, which for me is a huge deal. 10 postsTen freakin’ posts under my belt… I don’t even want to consider just how many words that is in total. Believe it or not I have actually written this intro on the eve of my ninth post for the hop. I find the last half hour no matter where in the day it falls, to be the worst, it’s like time/Kronos deliberately decides to slow things right down around me out of spite.


This blog hop is between Midsummer and Lughnasadh; which is the start if the Harvest season, and also a time to start connecting with our Ancestral Roots and indeed the Routes that our Ancestors would have taken when it came to divination, since they would not have been able to spend money on buying decks like we can…


Our Cat Herder extraordinaire Morgan Drake Eckstein, posed us this tickler for the hop: “How do you show respect to the Tarot and what things have you learned not to do… We all have stories about this subject.


I think the part that stood out the most wasn’t so much the ritual or the cleansing, but the respect. It might seem like a side-step but humour me for a moment; I am just back two days from an amazing escape from daily life holiday with hubby. We didn’t go that far, but it was far enough from the door for us to just breathe, relax and have an amazing time. During the holiday I encountered quite a few interesting things, first was how it took a little while to make friends with the land; I have often found it strange crossing borders from one district into another, but to cross from Scotland into England, well it was a challenge to begin with, as the land kept wanting to know who I was and why I was ‘invading’ it, which I wasn’t but I could see from its perspective how I might be.


However after a few miles I became friends with the land, and it was a great help later on. A couple of really interesting things happened on this holiday, I discovered and caught on film a few ghostly encounters and I had a fascinating conversation in the Jacuzzi on a similar line to the theme of this hop, Respect – I did ask you to humour me for a moment


For me respect is in everything, from divination to discussions and making friends with the land. It is why I find the whole art form awkward, when it comes to working with it professionally; over time I have always wondered why I get so nervous or reticent about working with the cards and this year I finally started to put the whole thing together… – Again humour me here as I take a little side step for a moment – This may have been mentioned before in one of the ten posts that I have written on the hops, but I am a collector of Tarot, I find the unusual, rare, neglected, new or old cards and give them a home. To date I have over 100 decks. It is considerable more once you allow for the Oracle or other divination systems like Runes, Ogham and Geomancy decks. I always seem to find a place for a deck in my room, as if the room just adjusts itself to accommodate a new resident. Each new arrival is made welcome and made to feel apart of the family, in other words I give it Respect. – These side steps always end up going somewhere


Over this year I have started to get a sense about why I like the tarot so much but why I find working with it, and also with people very awkward. It is because I have what I have come to realise is prescient vision, which is to say that a person’s life-story or their dharma unfolds before me as we sit across from each other. It can be hard as I what I see may not exactly marry up with how they perceive their life to be, however both versions end up being the same; now I am fairly certain that for some, reaching this point in the entry you’re reaching that, where is this going? and What has this to do with the topic for this month’s hop?


If you have then it really is your first time as most that read my entries know to just go with it, as these loose ends are all tied up eventually. The main reason that I have cards in front of me is to stop clients feeling under the microscope, they act as a mirror but also a tool to stop folks from feeling nervous as they’re worlds, lives and choices become known to me, as that is what prescience really is the knowledge and knowing others choices before they make them and yes to help them at times decide to make better ones, but it is always personal choice and the freedom to make that choice. Otherwise its no choice and they are following my path for them and not their own.


That is after all what respect means, right? To allow others the freedom to make their own choices. I find that showing a client the alternatives, the different choices and how these could affect their dharma or their life-story is better than the idea of a set in stone prediction. Yes! I am aware of how magnanimous/egotistical and self-serving this all sounds, it’s not actually meant to come across that way at all. It’s just not easy to put into words how I view the art of divination, because it’s more than art, it is my way of life, to simply be and realise that every outcome is the perfect outcome good or bad, and that either outcome is both a blessing and a lesson is not something that has the right words.


I think because it is my life and it runs in at least one side of the family that I have come to give not only the cards but the spirits, the essence of Tarot itself and the ancestral history that flows through the youngest and oldest decks that I own but also are out there in the world itself the respect that it is truly deserved. However it is also a lost art form because as this world progresses the nuances and finer subtleties such as the Major Arcana story, or the meaning behind “The Path of Excess, leads to the Tower of Wisdom” are becoming lost to time itself.


I also find myself pondering on what will become of the Tarot as time progresses? Will others continue on the legacy or will it stop or fade out because the internet and mobile phone craze will continue to explode exponentially, will it be that cards on paper/card will be replaced with cards on things the size of a mobile phone and the image will be generated randomly as these things are placed flat on a surface, should the concept of a flat surface still be around… Since respect is going the way of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Millennium (not to mention 98, 95, 3.11 and 3) that being non existent, will respect for something that has roots as far back as Babylon and before go the same way? If being 30 is now seen as ‘the old days’ for teenagers of today, then what does that say for a system that is older?


Naturally it can’t all be bad, can it? There is a chance for the Tarot, which can be considered a historical archive that charts the history of mankind’s travel across the globe as well as the sociological and cultural changes that have shaped the story of the Tarot itself before consumerism and profit turned them into something for purchase in bookshops and alike, instead of in occultist and magical shops where they belong. What of the other systems like the Ogam that saved lives during the Witch trials or Runes that are and were a language over and above a divination system, what of them?


It is bizarre, everytime I try to find a positive or good place to end this entry, it is tinged with this overhanging or impending sense of uncertainty, it is possibly a tell on where the world is at the moment, with so many threads just hanging loose, and we don’t ever seem to get a definite answer or conclusion to events unfolding in our countries because mostly everything seems or has the allusion of being so immediate. Again it comes back round to this idea of respect, if we aren’t given respect then how can we appreciate it?


I guess that is the whole idea that has been so baffling of late, I act with respect in everything that I do, and more so with the Tarot, I give the cards, their legacy, history and the collective ancestry that gave them being to start with, nothing but respect. Each deck has its own unique and individual personality, they are not just a set of 78 cards printed on paper or soft-card, they’ve got an essence of their own that awakens as soon as they are in the possession of the person buying them. Whether they are in that owners possession a short time or not, they asked that person to rescue them from the shop shelf, and if they aren’t given the respect, those cards will move on or simply vanish (speaking from personal experience here). That it the important thing to remember, the cards select their owner, not the other way about… Well look at that, a good place to end this.


Well thanks for taking time to read through this, and who knows maybe I will see you on the next round…

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16 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 11 – Dekas, Decadence & Respect…

  • Jack of Wands

    I like the way you hit on how wide-ranging the concept of respect can be, and how it works its way into just about everything you do. I feel similarly. Thanks for a great post!

    • Jay Post author

      Thank you for reading Jack, respect I think is something that should be at the foundation of all the work. To have that allows you to go far, but as soon as you lose it, well it can be very hard to regain and I sure as anything do not intend to do that again (a tale for another hop).

    • Jay Post author

      I’m pretty certain ‘The Auditors’ (to borrow from Sir Terry) would agree with you there. Prescience has its place but Oracular vision is just something that I try to avoid, it usually finds me eventually though… The future or Next chapter is fluid until given shape and form by the author, it’s why the idea of manifestation work has become so popular, the collective has become quite intent on shaping the individual facets, the singular minds that make up the threads of the collective hive, need to feel in charge of their own destinies in some way.

  • Joanne sprott

    Wow, Jay. Very deep stuff, indeed. And I agree with the entire ramble. Being respectful of the historic archetypal energies and the free will of the querent’s are fundamental.

    • Jay Post author

      Heh, thanks you! When I started this I had no idea where I was headed but this concept of Respect just seemed to stay present and so I followed its thread and this is what came of it. I think respect is paramount and has to be when working with others.

  • Ania

    I think that ephemera will be with us for some time yet, well I certainly hope so. People still read real paper books, appreciate physical paintings and there is just no electronic substitute for handling a deck of cards, whether to play a card game or for divination. Long may it continue! 😀

    • Jay Post author

      Agreed, there is no substitute for either. I have just come home with two more volumes of the author Alice Bailey, a book on philosophy that is over 100 years old and a couple of other books, one is on Hindu Astrology and the last one escapes me right now, but the point is nothing beats that feel of paper, age and sense of knowledge that comes from these. I have got three decks that I have rescued, two of them need to be kept in a copper box because they still haven’t mellowed even after 5 or so years, so yes I agree; long may it continue.

  • Katalin Patnaik

    I am glad I’m not the only one feeling the difference between land and land. 🙂

    Thank you Jay for sharing your thought and glimpses into your life!

    • Jay Post author

      It’s a very unusual feeling to move across the border, it is the same land but the vibe does shift. I think it is because that part or stretch of the land hasn’t really been aware of my presence because I haven’t been aware of it. However I have found that this year in particular I am now very much connected to the land as I am to the cosmos and both deserve mutual recognition.

    • Jay Post author

      It’s both Karen, heh; I really hope it doesn’t come to that bad enough there are apps on the phone that do Tarot things, not decrying them in the slightest, just feel they debase or devalue the art form a little.

  • Sezo

    you said this and I feel it is so poignant….
    “a person’s life-story or their dharma unfolds before me as we sit across from each other. It can be hard as I what I see may not exactly marry up with how they perceive their life to be, however both versions end up being the same”

    It sent a little shiver of goosebumps over my arms. This is so freaking true – and thats why we respect the cards, because in turn that is a reflection of how we respect the people we read for.


    • Jay Post author

      Nothing beats that moment when something clicks into place, the shiver you describe is something that I tend to get when I am working with a client, particularly when there are relevant things happening that need conveyed 🙂 Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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