Tai Chi – Chi Kung


Tai Chi & Chi Kung are fundamental parts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside Nutrition, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Tui-Na, which is Traditional Chinese Massage; Tai Chi and Chi Kung have proven to be beneficial to health across the globe. While both Tai Chi and Chi Kung, have roots in Contact Martial Arts; it has gradually over time become far more recognised as an internal massage and and non-combat form of martial art since 1950 onward. This was because the Chinese Empire made it mandatory for all Chinese citizens to learn it as part of a healthier lifestyle. Over the last 70 years, Tai Chi and Chi Kung has become popular with the over 50’s and those recovering from major life changing situations, such as heart attack, stroke and life altering conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS.

However as our lives become more challenging, it has becoming increasingly important to look after both our body, mind and soul/spirit as well; which is why Tai Chi and Chi Kung are becoming increasingly popular alongside Mindfulness and Meditation to allow us to become better equipped at dealing with all of the life challenges we can face.

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Facilitation

Everyone that facilitates, teaches or instructs Tai Chi and Chi Kung does it differently, this is because there is not just the one style. Tai Chi has both a long form and short form, it also has many different sequences that intersect and cross over with Chi Kung, this is because one tends to borrow from the other. Typically you will find that both are taught together, so you may find that within your session, you cover both Tai Chi and Chi Kung Sequences. As mentioned above there are the two kinds of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Active or Contact and Passive or Non-Contact. Those that teach the active kind are focusing on the Martial Artistry and will teach you how safely engage with the active contact sport.

However the form of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, I have learnt and facilitate is the internal, passive and non-contact. This form of Tai Chi and Chi Kung is meant to help cultivate and move Chi or Life Force energy through the body. I teach/ facilitate my classes with the belief that mindfulness, imagination and intuition have their roles to play.

My classes and style of teaching is relaxed, informal and solely focused on the people in the class rather than a set curriculum or format of teaching. I have a plan laid out but I am also open to seeing what happens at the time as well. It was how I have been taught to work with these wonderful healing arts.

It would also be fair to point out that different instructors have a different way about them and we do not all know that same techniques, styles and forms. So every class and instructor will bring something different and new to your learning and practice.


Here are two videos that demonstrate Tai Chi and Chi Gong, this video is from my Micro-Teaching session from the Gateway Award in Education and Training.

You can find more videos on the Gallery Page

Micro-Teach: Gateway Award in Education and Training | Duration: 15 Minutes