Jay’s Musings: Positive Progress

TAROT BLOG | MUSINGS | REIKI BLOG     Welcome to one of my own musings. I haven’t done one of these in a while, but there really hasn’t been a need or want for me to express myself. It’s not uncommon for me to keep my deeper thoughts to […]

Show and Tell – What Makes a Teacher

TAROT BLOG HOP | HOME | REIKI BLOG HOP   Social media and the internet is awash with all kinds of courses, books and people that are ready to change your life but at a price. There are life, spiritual and religious guru’s aplenty just waiting at the click of […]

Musings – Exploring the I Am Power

Tarot Blog Hop | Jays’ Musings | Reiki Blog Hop     Over this weekend I was invited (albeit) last minute on to Sacred Touch De-Armouring Level 1 Workshop, what had drawn me to the work has been a threefold combination of personal feeling, professional advancement and then something else […]