Tango of the Wounded Healer – Embracing Bravery

As with any new skill, trade or information it takes a moment to get to grips with it. Firstly it’s how does it work, followed by what does this do and so it goes on. It’s the same thing when you discover that you’re what’s known as a Wounded Healer. […]

The Rites to Reply: Rest in Pieces the Freedoms of Speech…

We gather here at this time on this blog to pay our respects; indeed it was this very week that the Freedoms of Speech, departed Social Media. It was an unexpected and untimely passing, which seems for many of us to have gone unnoticed. However, for a great many more, […]

Musings – Lessons of The I AM

Tarot Blog Hop | Jays’ Musings | Reiki Blog Hop   Lessons of The I AM   A Beginning is a Delicate Time…   When Frank Herbert wrote Dune, he knew exactly what he was talking about; he’d studied ecology, mythology and tribal cultures; he then projected his imagination along […]