Living within the Sacred Possibilities

Tarot Blog Hop | Jay’s Musings | Reiki Blog Hop     I am the first to admit that I haven’t been spending as much time online as I would normally. Partly this is because I am entrenched in case studies & assessments for the Diplomas that I am working […]

Reiki Blog Hop – When Letting Go is Hard to Do… 4

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG   It’s funny how I always seem to adopt a different tone when I do this blog hop compared to the Tarot Blog Hop it’s not that I don’t treat it seriously because believe me I do, I just have a completely […]

Musings – Exploring the I Am Power

Tarot Blog Hop | Jays’ Musings | Reiki Blog Hop     Over this weekend I was invited (albeit) last minute on to Sacred Touch De-Armouring Level 1 Workshop, what had drawn me to the work has been a threefold combination of personal feeling, professional advancement and then something else […]