Balance: Approaching the Path to Yin/Yang Understanding

Balance: Approaching the Path to Yin/Yang Understanding Challenging Your Perceptions…   To challenge and in return be challenged is a gift, although if I am honest, I do not always see it as such. Unless I am writing an article for the Tarot Blog Hop or Reiki Blog Hop then […]

Facing the Light of Diogenes

TAROT BLOG HOP | HOME | REIKI BLOG HOP   I felt challenged earlier but in a very good way. I was reading Jeff Foster’s Page on Facebook, and he posed a very interesting question; “Who are you without your Spiritual Story?” – the question is part of a poem/haiku-esque […]

Musings – Angelic Consciousness Cards – My 3 Year Project 1

Tarot Blog Hop | Jays’ Musings | Reiki Blog Hop   Oneness   Background On several posts that I have to Jay Cassels I have mentioned and sometimes briefly explained the background to the Angelic Consciousness Cards. I decided that I would actually spend a little time giving a bit […]