My Spiritual Work

My Spiritual Work



My spiritual work is involved, I hold services for various spiritual churches in the Lanarkshire and Glasgow areas, although I do work in other areas when asked as well. I enjoy being in service to the congregations of the churches, and the sense of upliftment and connection to the loved ones and those that guide from the higher side of life can have a rewarding experience for both the person visiting and myself as well.


Spiritual Consultations

When I am not working in service to churches, I do offer spiritual consultations. These consultations are where you can connect to the higher side of life, this can either be to make a connection to someone specific or to those that guide you in this lifetime. These sessions are helpful to gain insight, peace of mind or sometimes just to see how it works and out of curiosity to see who will walk forward to communicate.


The sessions are typically an hour long, I will ask you to bring a photo or item that belongs to a person if you are looking for someone specifically.


Tarot Readings

Tarot has been apart of my life and work for 26 years, almost as long as I have been working with my spiritual connections; I find that sometimes Tarot can answer questions and give directions as well as deeper insights, they are particularly useful if you are uncomfortable with eye contact or have personal space issues. The cards are a useful focus point and the table becomes a useful protective barrier that allows you to have a reading but keep your personal space in your control at the same time.


I value my clients, their time and the money you are willing to spend, which is why I always aim to help you have the best possible experience with the cards. My sessions usually last an hour, however if you feel you would like a longer session then please do ask me.


Soul Reading / Mirror Work


The Soul Readings / Mirror Work are useful to help you start to shift the big stuff, the sessions are focused on getting to the root cause of issues, its experiential work and deep, because we are working on areas and places that aren’t sometimes the most comfortable to address, because at some point you’ve decided it is best not to go there or face it. I usually like to set aside at least an hour and a half for our first meeting. These sessions are held in sacred space and they are your place to work on anything that you feel holds you back from being the best you, however I do like to caution you that these are not for the faint of heart or the give a go. This is when the process doesn’t accomplish anything, it requires you to have an open heart and mind to the possibility of change and transformation.