My Spiritual Work

My Spiritual Work




My spiritual work is involved, I hold services for various spiritual churches in the Lanarkshire and Glasgow areas, although I do work in the Borders and towards Edinburgh, Perth and Stirling when asked as well. I enjoy being in service to the congregations of the churches, and the sense of upliftment and connection to the loved ones and those that guide from the higher side of life can have a rewarding experience for both the person visiting and myself as well.


Spiritual Consultations

When I am not working in service to churches, I do offer spiritual consultations. These consultations are where you can
 connect to the higher side of life, this can either be to make a connection to someone specific or to those that guide you in this lifetime. These sessions are helpful to gain insight, peace of mind or sometimes just to see how it works and out of curiousity to see who will walk forward to communicate.


The sessions are typically an hour long, I will ask you to bring a photo or item that belongs to a person if you are looking for someone specifically. These sessions can also be done distantly via email if you are unable to attend in person (usually because of distance or time constraints).


Tarot Readings / Party Nights


Tarot has been apart of my life and work for 26 years, almost as long as I have been working with my spiritual connections; I find that sometimes Tarot can answer questions and give directions as well as deeper insights, they are particularly useful if you are uncomfortable with eye contact or have personal space issues. The cards are a useful focus point and the table becomes a useful protective barrier that allows you to have a reading but keep your personal space in your control at the same time.


Party nights are easily organised, typically the minimum number is 4 and the maximum is 6, a non-refundable deposit could be asked for with bigger group numbers, but typically it is pay on the night. The reading times for a group of 4 is usually 30mins but this drops to 20mins for the bigger groups to prevent folks getting bored waiting. I value my clients, their time and the money you are willing to spend, which is why I always aim to help you have the best night possible.


Soul Reading / Mirror Work


The Soul Readings / Mirror Work are useful to help you start to shift the big stuff, I use this in my sessional work but I also offer it separately as well. The sessions are focused on getting to the root cause of issues, its experiential work and deep, because we are working on areas and places that aren’t sometimes the most comfortable to address, because at some point you’ve decided it is best not to go there or face it.


The Mirror / Soul work addresses the stuff that just holds you back, you end up having to face it and let it go, I use a lot of breath work, sometimes light pressures, but it is pretty much hands off work, which is ideal for anyone that has personal space or boundary work needing to be cleared, it is also ideal for working towards clearing intimacy, sexuality or gender issues (such as coming out, embracing your sexuality i.e. male in a female body / female in a male body / androgyny etc).


It really is about what you need cleared you bring to the session; it is best to allow at least 2h for a session of this sort, there is breath work, meditation and sometimes shamanic mirror work as well. It can also involve working with sound. These sessions are about reclaiming your space, your body and your ability to live fully.