Reiki Blog Hop: Master List – January 2018

Master List



Welcome, it’s the start of a brand-new year and things in the world of energy work are becoming more relevant these days. Reiki perhaps even more so as the healer’s world is constantly changing; new ways of working and new Reiki methods constantly being discovered.

This month sees The Facebook Reiki Blog Hop Group starting up again after a rest period; and I volunteered to come up with this month’s topic. If you haven’t blog hopped before, this is the absolute perfect time to start. You can find out all about Blog Hopping Here and you can sign up to the Group Here or through the link at the top of this paragraph.

I’ve changed the format of the Master List slightly to include some information about the time, date and subject for the topic. This is a safety measure that I have adopted so that if Facebook decided to get stroppy and the Sign-up post gets messed about, all the information is here on the Master List for that month.

DATE: Monday, 29 – January – 2018
TIME: 9 p.m. GMT (London, Edinburgh Time)
WHERE: Your blog
WRANGLER: Jay Cassels
SIGNUP DEADLINE: Thursday, 25 – January – 2018
LIST SHUFFLE: Saturday, 27 – January – 2018



You can find the full rules for all the Reiki Blog Hops on the GroupYou Need to Be A Group Member To See It!  – However you can visit The Beginners Guide here on site as well to give you an idea.

Please don’t cancel any later than 24 hours before a hop.

BLOG TOPIC: Guided by Reiki?


There are times when I am teaching/facilitating the learning/birthing of Reiki practitioners either into Usui or Angelic Reiki and the topic of Guides comes up from time to time. Usually I let the student decide their own answer to this question, so for this first hop of 2018, I would like to pose this as a topic for discussion.

How do you approach/answer or discuss the topic of Reiki Guides, is it something that you’ve encountered, do you believe that as masters or as students that we are guided when it comes to Reiki?

If you have done a hop with me before, then you’re aware that I am a great believer in if you find yourself being called to discuss something that is on parallel with this topic, you are most welcome to explore it.

Master List – Saturday, 27 – January – 2018


This list, is pretty much our running order. Normally the names are randomised from the sign up list on the Group; but as there are only three folks for this one, the running order is exactly the same.


Master List: Here

1. Jay Cassels |
2. Joy Vernon |
3. Karen Sealey |