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Welcome to the Reiki Blog Hop for March 2018; this month it’s the awesome Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous that has the Reiki Reigns of Wrangling. Joy set us this really lovely topic… 



What do you recommend to beginners interested in Reiki?” This can be from the point of view of a teacher and how they start beginners out, or from the point of view of a student and what you found most helpful in getting started or wished you had know at the beginning. Could go a variety of directions, such as books you recommend, practices you recommend, if you prefer students to just jump into a class or ask them to do any kind of prep first, or wherever it goes for each of us



It’s very interesting that this is our topic, as just yesterday I was having a conversation about Reiki with a friend from Boston, who was really keen to understand about Angelic Reiki. What made it very unique and also special for me was for the first time since starting my Reiki journey during 2013, I didn’t feel there was any need to make a separation or distinction between one form or Reiki or the other.


It must be common knowledge by now that I have become versed in pretty much all the styles of Reiki that are around. What you might not be aware of is just how much of a challenge it is to some masters this is. At times it almost becomes my reiki is better than your reiki, wrapped around that is the unspoken “how dare you know more about this than me, I have been working with it longer…” so as you can imagine this was a welcomed change from that dharma. So to meet someone with fresh eyes, no expectations and an openness to know and exchange was just perfect and also synchronicity at work since I knew the hop was today.



I just sat there and explained about Angelic Reiki, as being a more refined and perhaps simpler form of Reiki (depending on your approach and how you came to be taught it of course), there was no need from the learner perspective to worry too much about hand positions or memorising symbols and from the client perspective, the healing comes from source and like every other Reiki, simply requires the client to have an open heart and willingness to receive. There wasn’t any need to explain the roots, the creation, the myths or anything like that, it was sheer discussion and I loved every moment of that conversation and it also got me thinking and I have been sitting with this on and off since then. Why is it the topic of Reiki gets so heated to the point of becoming a challenge? Just why are others threatened by knowledge and experience?


One of my first recommendations to students and clients alike is forget everything you know or think you know about Reiki, regardless of its name or linage. I simply ask my students to come in with an open heart and open mind to it. If its Usui Reiki or Angelic Reiki, I explain that from the moment the space is opened to the moment it is closed, how they understand Reiki will be unique to them, what they receive from the experience will be their guide and no one else’s. I also point out that just because I am facilitator/Sensei just means that at this moment I have experience enough to pass along the keys and tools to their learning, what happens after that is their journey.



Towards the end of the Usui Reiki workshops, I do point them in the direction of a few books or sites, but mostly I do say be mindful of the information out there as not all of it is user friendly or up to date because Reiki is continually evolving and not always in the right ways, a lot of the time and this is where my questions from above come in, it revolves around money. Particularly here in the west, there seems to be this continual need to ‘upgrade’ or add value to something that is already perfect, almost like a dog marking its territory. Why there is this need to piss on everything I don’t really know.



Don’t get me wrong sometimes something amazing can get born out of it, like Angelic Reiki was born out of Usui, Shamballa MDH and Karuna with perhaps a touch of Kunalini in there as well but the whole evolution is not as fluffy, light and spiritual as it is made out. Most of it was a loving woman that attended every course that Kevin Core did, and through taking his rough notes, sketches and ramblings; she created the manual that many facilitators/masters/sensei use today. To some degree even Usui Reiki evolves, as each master takes their experiences and creates their workshops based on that, true some will use pre-made William Lee Rand or Taggart King manuals and that is their choice, but some sit and create their manuals, putting their experiences, guidance and love into it. Neither way is the right or the wrong way, regardless of what some may say or in most cases scream. Again it comes down to this pissing contest to prove who is better, something that I don’t ever recall from my learning.



When I teach or Facilitate, I truly work with the students, and let them bring out what they need to learn and discover. It is a method I find works, as it gets them comfortable with Reiki from the start and gets them working for most of the day to find out what works for them. I point out that the manuals are there to take a way and read, so we don’t need to spend a great deal of time on them, it takes away from the point of learning and get them to experience. I go through the basics, and then it is right into the guts after and slightly before the attunement. I use the same structure for both Reiki workshops, all that changes is the material and the way I facilitate.



Thank you for stopping by my post for this Reiki Blog Hop. I found that it seemed to want to go in its own direction, but staying on parallel with the topic at the same time, its Reiki after all, this sentient energy sometimes decides what needs to be put out there for others to find and read. If you want to read some more about the healing side of Reiki, the do jump over to This Post on my Sacred Healing Site, I missed the cut off for the dead-line so it couldn’t be entered for this month’s hop. Please show some gratitude and love to my fellow writers and hoppers by following the links either to the top or bottom of the post.





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  • Karen Sealey

    Yes interesting point about the constant upgrades. Not strictly reiki related but something I’ve noticed more and more of is that there seem to be a lot of ‘new’ modalities popping up which seem to be a twist on multi level marketing… some feel to be bordering on cultish… and there seems to be a lot of new words popping up for old techniques and methods. I can’t even remember the name that somebody came out with to me a couple of months ago… I kind of zoned out when they started describing this new thing in exact ways that I had heard in the 90’s.
    I have several theories on various trends and they are probably best shared over a cuppa than over the internet

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