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Welcome, this month sees The Facebook Reiki Blog Hop Group starting up again after a rest period; and I volunteered to come up with this month’s topic. If you haven’t blog hopped before, this is the absolute perfect time to start. You can find out all about Blog Hopping Here and you can sign up to the Group Here or through the link at the top of this paragraph.

The format on my hop posts has changed this year to include information on the topic, which would normally include time, date and topic. However this as this month I am the Wrangler, all the information is here on the Master List.

Welcome, to the first blog hop of a new cycle for The Reiki Blog Hop. It is the first one of 2018 and already there are massive changes going on. It has the feeling that this year the training wheels are off and it is time to bring some cycles into completion as well as really get working with all my skills.


This of course felt like a prompt from those that guide, and so I set this prompt for the blog hop.



How do you approach/answer or discuss the topic of Reiki Guides, is it something that you’ve encountered, do you believe that as masters or as students that we are guided when it comes to Reiki? If you have done a hop with me before, then you’re aware that I am a great believer in if you find yourself being called to discuss something that is on parallel with this topic, you are most welcome to explore it.



Guided By The Light



In many ways it was always meant to be that I would find my way to Reiki and I suppose it wasn’t even meant to end at just Usui Reiki, which is the founding system. I was meant to find my way into Angelic, Kundalini as well as all the other ways in which Reiki and I cross paths.


I have actually lost count of the different schools, methods and modalities that I have studied where Reiki is concerned. I’ve come to see it as my Dharma, meaning that I was always meant to rediscover my roots, rather than it being a Karmic thing, where I decided to find it and then heal something within my reincarnation cycle; which is a topic for another hop I think. Needless to say I have always had a connection to it and to being guided by it. Reiki has always guided my path, even before being awakened to the energies of Reiki, it ensured that I had all the knowledge and insights that I would need in order to make sense of the very deep and sometimes mirky path that Reiki has been tainted with.


The whole idea of guides and Reiki can be a little tempestuous, you just need to look at the symbol that represents Reiki to see just how diverse and tricky it is. After all the first question that raised my brow was why are there two and what is the difference between them? It took me ages to actually discover an answer that actually sits well with me.




There is plenty of history on Reiki, however as we know history is re-written to favour the outcome, and the person who is writing it. I guess this is why I have never really truthfully held with any version of Reiki’s history. 


In many ways I think I would honestly prefer not to know, which would be fine if I didn’t teach. It is a funny thing because when I have students for Usui Reiki, I say that I am what would be called a Sensei as it honours the fact I am one who knows Reiki, but also one who is always learning; plus it is purely honorific, so it sits well with me. However when I have students for Angelic Reiki, I say I am facilitating as it is the student that is doing a lot of the work, however when it comes to the attunement and healing techniques for both I am there to be a channel for the attunements and a guide for helping to learn the techniques.


There is that word again Guide… Perhaps it is time to start looking at this in a bit more detail. Let’s start with the Traditional or Usui Reiki…


There is something unkind and unwelcoming about this version of the Reiki symbol. It denies the idea of guides and simply suggests that it is human energy that is at the root of Reiki, which is fine providing it’s 65+ years ago in a time when we knew nothing of energy work, spirit or reincarnation. However it’s not and we do know these things, so it begs the question, why does the symbol persist? I have manuals and certificates with this on it and I keep thinking, why use it, when you are discussing in your manuals and lessons about spiritual energy and connection to this energy? 


True, each to their own and we all have our own styles, methods and ways of teaching/facilitation based on how we were taught, but surely we are more than just the sum of our teachers? When there is so much information out there and so much still being discovered about Reiki, is it not about time the we moved on and stopped giving energy to something that goes against the very thing Reiki has always stood for?


Forgive my outburst and perhaps my lack of knowledge, depending on how you receive this entry. You see for me I have spent a lot of time looking into this whole subject, as someone that passes along knowledge and understanding; I like to make sure that I can give as much information in my manuals as I can, and from time to time I like to update them, so that my students can learn to make up their own mind. It is after all their journey to take, as for me I am furthering my experiences and learning in order to make the transition into the ways of Reiki, for others easier to understand.


It is a bit like this symbol, which to me embodies Reiki in all its forms and says that it is about working in alignment with those that guide, however we understand them. Many see their guides as figures in the mind’s eye or in visions with their eyes shut, some sense or hear, others might even smell or perhaps taste.


I don’t think I have met anyone who embodies their Reiki guide, or embodies Reiki. It is perhaps a leap that only a few will make in any life cycle. It is perhaps a concept that very few are able to understand or interpret in such a way that would make sense to them.


What I have come to realise is that Reiki and I, found a path that would not only clear the old ancestral cycles, karmic cycles and also give me the understanding of my dharma; that I am now in a position to be actively and consciously free to move forward with my path. Reiki has also given me a gift of a new way in which to work with it, and that is to embody the energy of Usui, Angelic, Kundalini and all the others that I have mentioned, in such away that I no longer feel like I have to make a distinction between them, so where does that leave me as a teacher/sensei/facilitator?



It took me a while to realise that although for the sake of students, organisations, continuity and insurances, there needs to be clear distinctions between these different schools, modalities and methods; it is purely a comfortable blanket or safety bar that keeps everything nice neat and in a box. That can be clearly classified and that is perfect for those systems and people that have a mind, where there is that continuity. I will happily work alongside these and not rattle cages, boxes or cause to much corruption within the system, but from a personal point of view, it makes working with me a very unique, fun and interesting place to be.


It has taken five years for me to be able to happily say I know my stuff when it comes to working with Reiki, or most of what I have been trained to do. It was an old cycle based in partially truth of the time and also fear of competition and experiences that meant I kept on to it. I was taught that if I put myself out there and allowed my ego-self to boast, then bad things would happen and the universe would ‘slap’ me. 


The Universe in its sentience has better things to do than play God, we have religion to do that. The realities of the ‘bad things’ were a combination of foresight, self-fulfilling prophecy and the universal energies ensuring that I broke the self-destructive cycles that were repeating. I just didn’t understand or even see these cycles until much later.


It was through Reiki that I got to grips with the concept of cycles, Usui taught me to recognise them, Kundalini to embrace and work through them and Angelic taught to release and severe the cords, however it also brought to light other cords and severances that needed to happen alongside these and all revolving around teaching/facilitation and honouring Reiki in all its forms.




There is truth in the phrase, you learn through doing; I have learnt to release, let go and use my knowledge and experiences to talk openly about the cycles that I have been through and removed.


It has allowed me to discuss the abuses of power that exist within spiritual movements such as Reiki, and it shows as well as flags up who is good people and who are anything but good people. It is also true to say that; like does attract like but then Reiki and Quantum have a lot in common, which again is a topic for another hop.


Well all that remains for me to say is thank you for stopping by this entry on the blog hop, remember that you can visit the blog before me or the blog after me using the links above and below. The Master List is a fantastic navigation tool if you get lost or looking for a particular entry. If you feel drawn to leave me a comment then that would be most welcomed.



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4 thoughts on “Reiki Blog Hop: VIII – Guided By The Light

  • Karen

    I forgot what I was originally going to say as my thoughts have gone off at a tangent regarding abuse of power in spiritual groups… I don’t know how often it holds true but I’ve noticed on enough occasions to make me think it may be a pattern… but when I’ve seen these things it often feels to come from people who had problems with religion, turned from religion to spirituality and then just replaced all the things they didn’t like with the same thing under a different name…
    I’ll have to think more on that! Thanks Jag!

    • Jay Post author

      It’s terrible and it is a pattern from what I have seen. The sense I get is that for some there is a need or some kind of desire to be noticed, almost like a power or ego trip; and yes there is a connection to the likes of religion. Its one of the reasons that I tend to not go to a lot of these things any more.

  • Joy Vernon

    This reminds me of how we met, Jay — you had emailed me to ask for a handout I offered in my classes on how to draw the Reiki kanji. I’m so glad we met! We have so much in common and I love doing the tarot and Reiki hops with you. Thank you for a great topic!

    • Jay Post author

      You have just brought back some really fond memories and one of the many good reasons why social media and email are brilliant. I am always thankful for you sending me that handout, it was one and still is one of the most valuable resources I have when it comes to Reiki. Having the chance to hop beside some of the most amazing writers as well as being in such awesome company as yourself is one of the saving graces that stops me from killing my FB <3

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