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When I read the brief for the first Reiki blog hop of 2017, I just thought; “What the feck can I say about this?” I honestly didn’t know where I could take it, however before I follow that through, let me bid you welcome to my blog/site/little bit of escapism. If you have never been here before then, I’m Jay if you want to know my background in Reiki then all you need to do is look at my profile Here on Facebook it has all the things you need to know that would normally sit here in the introduction.

Karen Seely, Wrangler, Cat Herder and Crisis Juggler Extraordinaire; asked us this, “New Year! As much as I’d like to be original and innovative, I’m going to sign up to the seasonal trend and ask you to share your thoughts on New Year. Do you love it or loathe it? Do you have your own traditions? Does this time of year affect your Reiki practice and if so, how? Do you have any resolutions or revolutions that you are planning? etc etc… Take ‘Reiki’ and ‘New Year’ as your springboard for inspiration and see where it launches you 😉

So as I said before, I had no idea where I to take this and perhaps I still don’t; all I know is that this year is really different for me compared to 2016; that was mostly about ending cycles, bringing a lot of things into completion, things is a broad and really generic term because of some the things that were being brought into completion were to do with trust, to do with betrayal of trust and a huge part of that was also releasing really old, like eons old stuff that I had been carrying for, well for the collective put it that way. Right now it’s okay for you not to know what the collective is, just stay with this for now.

I had a massive pre-release near the middle of the year, this was a massive precursor to the betrayal that happened at the end of the year and the amount of hostility, anger, and basically downright violence in the intention of the words, opened up a huge, huge thing for me; a process that stemmed from the etheric through to the physical. I’m only literally getting to grips with the feedback that is coming to my body just now.

In fact would go as far as to say that this is the definition of live, what you are reading is happening real time, this is a textual process that is happening and it is huge, huge stuff; this piece about betrayal, about the relationship between master/teacher, therapist/client, reiki practitioner and reiki client, it’s a huge, huge responsibility. It’s not about trying to ‘fix’ the person on the bed, it’s about getting them to fix themselves. We’re just holding that space, creating through our own intention the right conditions for healing.

When you have the master/student role, it’s not about our power as masters, its about us holding the space of the students to learn, receive and become attuned through their own sovereignty. It’s the alignment of the self that provides the attunement, as a master we’re taught to do because our master was taught to do. To be honest you could stand there and by intention allow the whole process to happen.

Thing is the master/student relationship is also one that is a huge thing, as a master, there is an element of the student looking to the master for reassurance and also I guess a form of friendship, but that can so easily be abused, and betrayed. I have discovered this and it called into question just how ‘pure’ is the vibration of the energy of the master if they can then betray the friendship and trust of a student/friend? To attack them with just hostile intention and really stabbing words, language is a powerful tool and to have the knowledge of that from being in receivership of some down right nasty vile shit (excuse my language) has been a hard one to let go of.

I know that I switched into unintentionally this person who tried to micromanage and control the outcome, avoided being in failure mode by just being present but not showing fully up, keeping that little bit back that may have blurred the lines, because that what was needed, and then having that challenged twice, once for the wrong reasons, meaning my master and then having it challenged again today but for the right reasons, because I was in the space to receive it as unwelcomed as it felt, I wouldn’t have heard and then written about it here if I hadn’t already been ready to welcome it, to hear it and to receive it.

So now I know that I won’t be holding back, I will be showing up and to be told I am not doing it right, that I am not doing as I was taught, you know what I say Good! Thank fuck I am doing it according to what I have been trained to do not what I was taught to be. As that is what is going to make me awesome.

So yeah I had no idea where this was going, but this year… 2017, bring it!


8 thoughts on “Reiki Blog Hop: VI – The Space Above Handbrake…

    • Jay Post author

      Hey Clare and thank you; yes this felt a particularly power piece for me to put out there. This is very much the time of being real and bringing it.

  • Joy Vernon

    Sounds like you’re clearing out some stuff that is ready to be tossed! Good riddance! A good friend said to me the other day that she tells her students “don’t learn from me, learn from Reiki.” I’m sorry to hear what about what happened. I hope you’re doing ok.

    • Jay Post author

      Thanks Joy <3 I'm in a much better place than when it all started and for me that whole process has completed but it felt right and welcomed to include it within the entry. It has been a huge clearance, from trust/betrayal to showing up and being just present; to really embrace that everything will is actually perfect the way it is and I don't need to micromanage the moment to moment minutiae because I really don't have anything to gain from it, just showing up is enough.

      I completely agree with that because I have realised and that very statement actually validates a great deal of what I have been sensing from source, I'm going to leave that there, purposely because my feeling is that it will make a great topic for my first wrangling in March.

        • Jay Post author

          You’d better sit down for this one, but I am actually setting the whole thing up just now; going as far as making a start (if not finish) on the actual post itself. Something about now, feels right for doing it.

  • Karen Sealey

    I think you took that to a great place Jay. There’s some really effed up dynamics that go in a reiki groups and I think it is good to speak up about that and whilst not necessarily going into the details, at least raise an awareness that betrayals do happen… I think maybe way too many people come into this sector expecting to find nice people and are not prepared for the sharks that can smell fresh blood… Onwards and upwards Jay! 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      As it got point out to me as well, there are too many ‘masters’ who are happy to take a student group all the way through to Master/Teacher level of that practice, just as long as they don’t then go out and actually want to teach. If I go on to a workshop or take on a course of training like I have done and will continue to do with Reiki, then I am going to want to use it.

      The betrayal that happened has been because not only did I take ownership of what I could do, I also did it naturally; I also recognised that start of a massive process of revelation and yeah it shook the foundations and brought the friendship down, but then it can’t have been a very ‘safe’ friendship to start with.

      As you say onwards and upwards Karenn, thank you for the candor and gift in your reply <3

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