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“…herding cats in the dark … with a mine field underfoot…”

Regardless of whether you have been here before to my site, or if this is your first visit; welcome! My name is Jay, and it is a pleasure to meet you. If you have never encountered a Blog Hop before then let me take a few sentences to explain the concept. A Blog Hop is a new name for a tradition that has been around for as long as I have been able to write HTML Code and string a paragraph together and call it Creative Writing.

It is where a group of like minded writers and bloggers collaborate on the same subject but give you their unique view or opinion, their blogs form a kind of complete circle, each one leading to the next one or back the way. There is always a master list, just as there is a wrangler who has the job of herding us and keeps us on time and track… I make their job sound easy but think of it along the line of herding cats, in the dark through a maze with a mine field underfoot…

“The Consent Reiki Adepts, Practitioners and Masters are giving…”

The topic of this month’s Reiki Blog Hop is Consent; it is something that is important for not just Reiki Adepts, Practitioners or Masters to consider but all healers and therapists. However there is an aspect to consent that is just as important as the consent we are given and that is the consent we are giving as well…

Yes! You read that right, the consent we are giving; I can understand that puzzlement that might be flickering across your mind/face right now, what on earth can I possibly mean when I am saying the consent we as Adepts, Practitioners and Masters are giving? In order to explain let me take you back to last weekend, where I was doing an Introduction to Trance Mediumship Workshop and Demonstration.

ReikiOver the last 3-4 years I have studied various schools of Reiki, and alongside that I have been working as a Medium/Clairvoyant. Around 2 years ago now the two seemed to begin to merge and last year as I did my Angelic Reiki Practitioners, Masters and Teachers; I discovered that I had developed the ability to Trance Heal, which embodied all the Reiki I had studied plus more.
I never usually ask too many questions of The Powers that Be (PTB for short) until I am certain that this is not just a transient experience and it’ll be gone in a few months. However this ability or progression to my Reiki and healing work continued to grow and develop. So it was time to ask the questions; which I did and I was informed by Metatron that my Trance Healing is being facilitated not only by Sensei Usui but also Archangel Metatron as well.

As Metatron explained it is entirely dependent on who is on the couch at the time, which of them is doing the work. I tend to know because of the energy that is flowing just before I ‘step out’ and they ‘step in’ now before I continue I must explain something about how this relationship works; As I trance healer, I give consent to the PTB that says I am allowing Archangel Metatron or Sensei Usui to make use of my physical form for the purposes of healing.

However I am aware of what is happening and should I need to assert control or become present again then it is done within a fraction of a second, sometimes less than that. It is an agreement that I have made with the PTB, just as a client who comes to me for Reiki understands that they are agreeing and giving consent for the Reiki session to proceed.

“I normally end up spending time with my past lives as well as the Archangels.”

MetatronDuring last week’s Workshop, I had a group of Reiki Masters, some were new to their role as a Reiki Master, and others had not been practising for some time and were on the verge of renewing to begin again. It was not that surprising when Sensei Usui came through and began to speak with them about the original ways in which he worked with the Reiki. He asked them to consider breaking with traditional methods of hand positions and to trust in their own innate connection to source and allow themselves to go to the places that are needed rather than prescribed.

It was during this time while Sensei was talking, Metatron was teaching with me in what I call Nirvana or the place between places, it’s a void but not in the sense of nothingness its filled with love, light and you tend to see those that have passed or getting ready to pass. I normally end up spending time with my past lives as well as the Archangels.

Metatron explained that there is an awakening happening on the planet at the moment, a massive cosmic shift as well as dimensional one is taking place for people that are connected to source and either work with Source for personal development or at the professional level, where they are helping others.

Archangel Metatron then broke what had been said down to a level that made sense to everyone regardless of whether they were spiritual or not; The shifts of consciousness mean that we have begun asking questions of others in positions of power, we are also asking questions of those who call themselves spiritual gurus, Metatron points out that the closer you look the more you suddenly discover they are working from the place of ego rather than source.

“In other words they should be able to explain it in a very simple straightforward way…”

Archangel Metatron delights in ‘calling out’ those who use fancy words, such as frequency, vibration or talk about shifting energies and awakening consciousnesses into the fifth dimension, by asking them to actually explain what that means in such a way it would make sense to someone that had never heard of the terms before.

069159-black-paint-splatter-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark3This means more often than not we are meant with terms and phrases such as “You are lowering my vibration” and his personal favourite “You are not spiritually enlightened enough to understand this yet” Which as Archangel Metatron points out, is their ego at work, anyone who works and connects with source, should be able to explain themselves or the terminology used. In other words they should be able to explain it in a very simple straightforward way, what it is they are talking about as this shows that not only does the person know their stuff but they live, breathe and work with it all the time.

Granted this sounds all very interesting but I would imagine right about now you are wondering what this has got to do with consent as well as Reiki. Angelic Reiki is a different way of working with the Reiki energy. Metatron is the Archangel that prompted Angelic Reiki’s creation and helped the founder/principal facilitator to create a way for others to learn and work with the Angelic Kingdom.

Part of Angelic Reiki is the understanding that consent is about the relationship we not only foster in others but also within ourselves as well. Archangel Metatron explained that as Adepts, Practitioners and Masters, we forget to give consent to source, to the Archangels and also to ourselves. This is so we can also receive the healing that we need. Humans have become so busy making sure that everyone else is okay that they forget to include the self.

We become so worried about doing the right thing for others that we forget to the right thing by ourselves and say yes! Not every time, just once in a while. We can’t always rely on the soul to do it for us, as the soul will sometimes not be the part that requires the healing, it maybe the part that is doing the healing and it needs us to agree, just as we need the agreement of another.

“Consent is not just an agreement between the Reiki giver and the Reiki Receiver”

Sensei Usui, points out that consent is not just an agreement between the Reiki giver and the Reiki Receiver, the reason for consent is that the one who is receiving Reiki is accepting that it is okay to let go and be healed from source, Humans have just allowed their own self importance to interpret that consent as being the agreement between two people, when it really is only the one person.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my entry for the Reiki blog hop; I welcome your comments, feedback on a post is appreciated by writers like as myself as it encourages to reply, write more and be more engaging and creative.


6 thoughts on “Reiki Blog Hop: II – What about Your Consent?

  • Karen

    Great stuff Jay! Really enjoyed this, especially – ” by asking them to actually explain what that means in such a way it would make sense to someone that had never heard of the terms before” . I love that! I tutor Maths every now and then and that is exactly how I check that my students have grasped the methods 🙂 I think AA Metatron must watch over Mathematicians…

    • Jay Post author

      Yeah AA Metatron does like to guide the hands of those that mentor and teach others, I tend to notice AA Metatron’s energy when I am writing manuals or needing to find a way to describe something in a down to earth, simple fashion. I also tend to feel it when I am reading some of the stuff online and I swear I can sense “Oh Good Grief” whenever there is more ego than useful information at work.

  • Joy Vernon

    This is a wonderful exploration, Jay! You are right that there are clients who give permission to me to hold my hands over them for an hour, but they don’t seem to have given permission for the Reiki energy to come through. Fascinating. And yes, your comments about speaking from ego are right on. I attended a lecture yesterday where the speaker kept saying, “well, you people won’t know this” and “you can’t be expected to understand this yet.” Either teach us something or don’t, but don’t constantly say that you won’t bother to teach us because we’re too stupid/inexperienced/ignorant/??? for you to bother. The thing that made me laugh the hardest though was that she came in complaining about how she had 90 minutes worth of material for a 45 minute lecture and how she would just have to talk fast. After all of this non-lecture about how we wouldn’t get it if she did try to explain, she finally asked the event organizer how much was left of her 45 minutes. “Umm, about 30 minutes,” he said. I guess she didn’t have as much material as she thought she did!

    • Jay Post author

      I swear I just heard AA Metatron go “Oh Good Grief(!)” In the background as I read your comment, the more I tour the blogsphere and the more pages I fumble across on Facebook; the more ego I seem to come across. A really awesome couple of friends were telling me about their holiday together, they’re married to one another and on this holiday they decided to visit some person that runs a page on FB; I was shocked to learn that this ‘enlightened’ person had the gaul to say to my friend, maybe next time you visit you could come alone as I don’t think your wife is at the right vibration for the things we discuss…

      So in the same vane as your incident at the lecture, I have started to really see people or these people that make claims to be something as working from a place of ego, and the true workers like you, my friend, his wife and the people that have been on this Blog hop as well as the Tarot one, we are the ones that are working from source to source. I try not to let it bother me but the more I discover the more I can feel the urge to get out my pruning sheers and start some weeding…

  • Aaron Lozano

    I agree Jay. We do forget about our self regarding healing and such. You are right that we do make sure everyone else is taken care of and there we are limping and covering a damn head wound trying to save the world. lol! Great Entry!.

    • Jay Post author

      Thanks Aaron, I think part of it is the way we’re taught by society to believe that the word selfish is a bad word and means that we are bad people for even considering to look at the self. However there is a difference in being selfish and responding solely to the needs of the ego and having respect for the self, and accepting that the self needs to be taken care of before the body and the soul force us to take time out. It’s such a difficult myth to bust is this idea that looking after the self is bad.

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