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This month, sees Reiki Reigns Wrangler the awesome Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous and set us this juicy and somewhat close to home topic for August’s Reiki Blog Hop…



The August Reiki Blog Hop: each of us write out instructions for how to do whatever basic meditation or first meditation you teach in your classes or first learned to do… I think it would be great if the hop let readers learn several different meditations! If you don’t use meditation in your practice, write about why you don’t use it/ recommend it/ or consider it to be part of a Reiki practice. No matter how we each approach this, I think it will be fascinating to learn different techniques and philosophies.



My backstory so to speak with meditation is that I learnt to meditate back in my late teens and into the twenties, mainly through different things that I had been doing back then. It led me into taking a meditation teacher certificate, which 12 years later is now something that I am thankful for. A lot of Angelic Reiki and also Usui Reiki makes use of meditation but not for the reasons you’d think. In Angelic Reiki most of the attunements are meditation based, which makes sense when you can be working with a group of students that can be as small as two and as big at ten. However, in contrast with Usui Reiki I find that the attunements are hands on but are in essence an almost light meditation, but I find that the students as long as they know what will be asked of them, are okay to allow it to happen and don’t really tune into it as such.



Indulge me just a little here, as I take you back to Sunday. I was teaching Reiki II on that day and there was a lot happening alongside it, doing my Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement filming and collecting the evidence for that, and I learnt that my students weren’t 100% keen on jumping into their Reiki II right away as they felt a disconnect with their Reiki I, so I added in a recap and at their request the attunement to Reiki I as well. So as I said, a lot was happening on the day. One of the first things I felt that was needed was grounding and centring, which I have added at the end of this for you to try if you’d like.



I felt and sensed how important this was right a way. Here I have students that are excited and nervous, plus feeling disconnected from themselves and the training that they have already received, so before I could move forward and even see what they had learnt prior to coming on the training day, I felt that it was important to ground and centre, not only for them but also for myself as well. The results from doing it made the day go a lot smoother and the connection to their gift of Reiki was made stronger as well, the confirmation of that I received from one of the students who felt the most ill at ease to some degree about her own ability.



Angelic Reiki Workshops are similar, however a great portion of the two days is spent working within the meditative state as well as working practically. Now I am quite a hands on person, so I tend to have my students seeing and doing, which means that they are seeing one of the techniques and then doing it. The meditations are usually intermixed so that they are not just sitting around all the time, it can be quite boring to some degree. I find that there are sometimes that I am forced into making a distinction between working with Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki, whereas other times I don’t feel that it is needed. I am somewhat unconventional in my approach towards working with them both, I tend to be guided by what is needed rather than what is prescribed; it feels more personal to that group, even though what is being facilitated is exactly the same but it is how it comes across that means more.



Meditation is an awesome tool and in the right place and at the right time it can do amazing things from attunements to grounding and centring, through to vision quests and getting answers. If you are interested then why not jump across to Sacred Healing as I have a different take on meditation in Reiki but from the therapy context rather than as a master teaching. The post is a different take on the topic compared to this one; don’t forget to check out the grounding and centring meditation below as well, its simple enough to do and doesn’t require too much effort.





Get comfy in the seat you are in, it is a better way of doing this than lying down. First get the feet connected to the ground and while upright ensure that your back is supported and your connected to the seat. Now breathe, allow the in and out breath to become regulated by the body, release the thoughts as much as you are able. Perfect!



Okay, start bringing the awareness to that point of contact, your feet on the floor, where the legs and the seat connect, where the back connects to the seat as well and breath into that sensation of contact, use it as your guide. Let the thought forms that arise in your mind go, don’t feed them and don’t give them attention, all that is important at this moment is the points of contact. Perfect!



Now give full awareness to the point of contact where your feet and ground connect. Allow your minds eye to create roots that deepen into the ground, drawing in energy and releasing anything that is holding you back right now, give your focus to this and allow the roots to take hold, the breath supporting the renewal of the energy in the body, in breath is everything new and out breath is all the old.



Great now keep this going for as long as you want, to bring yourself back into awareness of the room and the moment, simply draw your awareness up from the root and back through each point of contact again, feet and ground, legs and the connection to the seat, the back and where it connects to the seat as well, adjust the breath so that it takes on a more regular in and out flow, move the hands, the feet, blink a few times and then start introducing more movement, even stand up and walk around.



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  • Karen Sealey

    Here’s a funny thing… I was doing that point of contact meditation this afternoon laying on the floor and got distracted by back ache… it didn’t occur to me to do it in a chair. I will remember this for next time! Funny how it’s easy to forgot the easy solutions.

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