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This month, sees Reiki Reigns Wrangler the awesome Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous and set us this juicy and somewhat close to home topic for May’s Reiki Blog Hop…



“Can you perform Reiki for others or teach Reiki if you are ill? Mentally ill? Chronically ill?” I know we are taught that our personal stuff doesn’t interfere, but then again, would you really want to learn Reiki from someone whose life is a mess? I’d like to explore the pros and cons.”




My first thoughts towards this were literally “Joy’s Prescient(!)” the reason why is I had just been in conversation with regards to something very akin to the topic. I can’t for many reasons actually go into that in any detail it did get me thinking with regards to this whole subject matter. If we were to take on board a lot of what the Western professionals say about holistic medicine, we would all end up sharing the same psychiatric unit. However, surely there is something in this at the same time all joking asides?



Reiki is meant to be a healing modality, but putting my teacher’s hat on for a second and working from the point of view of Usui Reiki as understood from the Western perspective, we need to be mindful and have a care of duty towards not only our own reputation and safety but that of the people we are treating as well as teaching, so perhaps when someone has a borderline condition or has a recognised mental condition, we should make sure that they are in a place where the Reiki would be of ultimate benefit to them, otherwise it could trigger an episode and that in itself would not be good for either recipient or teacher, particularly if they are not aware of the underlying condition. Yes! consultation can flag these things up but only if the consultation has that information included. The student is only as good as the Master, until they are ready to come out into their own and flourish.




Now let me put my facilitator’s hat on for a second and look at this from an Angelic Reiki point of view. Firstly I accept that Reiki, is Reiki, is Reiki and it doesn’t matter what name you give it, at the core it is all the same thing. However, I also know from working with it that there is something that is unique and different about the way Angelic Reiki works and behaves, its not as cut and dried as it would seem on the surface. Recently I have been reflecting on my experiences of Angelic Reiki both the good and the bad; the good do outweigh the bad but when the bad rears its head, its bad.



Interestingly the bad reveals itself not in the facilitation but within the facilitators themselves. Now I don’t hold myself up or even consider myself to be the paradigm of Angelic Reiki Facilitation, I just do what feel naturally right and I am guided by the natural flow of Angelic Reiki at the time and on the lead up to the workshop weekend. However for some this seems to be an issue; without opening up, without pointing fingers and certainly without throwing around liable or accusations, I have bore witness to some questionable things over the last five years.



I have had a fair bit of mud thrown at me in the verbal sense and I am lucky to have some amazing people in my corner willing to wipe it off and make use of it for growing things. It forces me too look at the world of Angelic Reiki facilitation with fresh open eyes, as it flags up how easy it is for ego, humanity and its darker aspects can keep creep into something that is stunningly beautiful and simplistic. However it also flags up the idea that some are prepared to use what is beautiful as an excuse to market themselves and make money off it.



The idea of an energy exchange then becomes tainted as an excuse to charge over the odds, and then justify it. It flags up whether there is something more insidious happening, could it be that Angelic Reiki is showing those who are true to its ways, those who are not being true and are in fact abusing it for their own ends under the banner of believing they are justified or validated in some way.



Let me take both of these hats off for now, and lets address this from another perspective. Reiki is universal energy, we connect to it and allow it to be what it needs to be, whether that is Usui in nature or Angelic in form, its not important, what is important is what is happening on the energetic and biological levels. We have bio-energy in our bodies from the moment the sperm and egg fuse to give life. We’re expelling vast amounts of energy as the cells divide and merge to create bone, blood, skin, organs and so on, when we are called into service of Reiki, our bodies receive what we could call a universal top up, so all that energy that got expelled at the very start is replenished.



We are healed to some degree, but what it somewhere along the line, the energy in its capacity for healing short-circuits or overloads the brain; not in everyone just some. What then, particularly if that person is a master or facilitator? It might not happen right a way this could take sometime for it to manifest, in some a year in others a lot longer and what happens then? True there are bodies and places that protect not only masters but clients as well, but that isn’t what I am meaning, what does it mean for those that have been taught or those that are going to be taught?



Reputation as much as we don’t want to label or give it voice means a lot. A master like a facilitator holds a position of honour and respect but what happens when that is tarnished and word of mouth reaches former students that their master or facilitator has been hurling mud at their former students not at them but behind their backs, undermining the position they’ve placed them in? What recourse do these students have against word of mouth and rumour?




What does that say for the master or facilitator, the question that has been posed, offers up the chance to explore this and through this entry, I have done just that. I honestly don’t know what it says other than it shows the facilitator or the master to be of questionable integrity but it also shows that sometimes the student will best the master and be someone that they could never be, honourable and perhaps that is what causes the ego and darker humans traits to surface, fear that they are not good enough… Thanks for stopping by my entry.



If you have the time and are interested, there is another piece on this topic over on Sacred Healer.




5 thoughts on “Reiki Blog Hop: X – When Good Teachers Go Bad…

  • Joy Vernon

    Fear of not being good enough…yes, interesting point! I do get really tired of complaints about this school or that school or this style or that style. Why can’t we all just get along? We each choose the path we’re on because it speaks to us, and it can be really helpful to just let that be, and not enumerate all the ways the other style doesn’t speak to us. And whether it’s outright mud slinging or more subtle logical analysis of why *their* system doesn’t work, it’s still not in the Reiki frame of mind to break up into so many teams, like we’re picking sides for Reiki dodgeball. I know I’m guilty of it too, I definitely have my soap box moments and really have to concentrate to rein myself in. I’m sorry you got caught in the midst of Reiki dodgeball! At least it sounds like you have good people on your team!

    • Jay Post author

      I tend to avoid shares and conversations where the facilitator’s name may crop up, as I have no filter these days where the whole situation is concerned. I swear when I release my memoirs I’m gonna have a field day with that chapter.

  • Karen

    Yes ego and darker aspects may surface but these things do get seen for what they are and over time when it comes to reputations then the cream will rise to the top.

  • clare cartwright

    There seems to be a split over here too with Angelic Reiki and watching it from the side lines is interesting as it seems ego is getting in the way of the essence of it. I must admit as soon as I hear disparaging comments about anyone’s way of doing something, a little switch comes on saying ‘what’s your end game then’ and a silence descends the conversation. thank you xx

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