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On several posts that I have to Jay Cassels I have mentioned and sometimes briefly explained the background to the Angelic Consciousness Cards. I decided that I would actually spend a little time giving a bit of background to how the concept of the cards was arrived at. On the pages there is not really enough space to explain it in detail, however it does give you a little bit of a background to the concept but not really the creation.


Base ChakraAlthough not part of the Angelic Consciousness Deck that I have build, this is an example of how the original deck would have looked; however in place of the base chakra it would have had the name, symbol, description and traits of an Ascended Master or Archangel. I was introduced to The Consciousness Cards through Angelic Reiki 3 years ago and then several times since during my journey of Angelic Reiki. The idea behind the original deck was that you would shuffle and select a card, read what is said and then that card would represent the guiding influence throughout the entire workshop. The absolute beauty of this deck was it actually reflected where you were at the time and in many ways embodied who you became by the end (in an energetic sense).


I became that enamoured with the cards that I began a quest to find a set of my own, I began with an online search of retail outlets (amazon, waterstones, and ebay… etc) however this was to no avail. I then expanded my search to just online but by the time I began that search I had started to forget details about the cards and so eventually abandoned the search. That was until I redid my Angelic Reiki Practitioners and was reintroduced to the cards again, however at the time I did not think to explore looking for them but I kept it mind. Later that year I did the Masters certificate and really became fascinated by them and decided to start really investigating Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.


Further Investigation

I started by doing an Angel Healing Diploma, which introduced me to several archangels as well as my own healing guide (who is an Archangel) and as part of the diploma we were asked to create a set of Angel Cards. This brought back into my mind the Consciousness Cards and set me off on a quest, however circumstances changed and I did not return to the course until this Brow Chakrais month.


However before I had got ‘side-tracked’ by life I had created the Angel Cards but not quite as the instructions had set out. In my head I kept seeing the original consciousness cards deck, and I decided that I would attempt to replicate it in some way.


As you can image after such a long time, the design and even the name of the author had become a hazy memory so this deck that I had started to create, needed some inspiration and I decided to look not only to the Angel Healing Coursework but also Reiki, Ascended Masters and the Kingdom of Light, what I ended up with was 27 amazing connections and then I was hit with more inspiration, to find pictures that resonated at the same frequency as the meanings and names that I had selected. This took me a while because some of them it was an instant connection and for others it took time to find the right image as there were several variations on the theme.



It is true that most images that are in circulation belong or have been created by someone either known or unknown and at the time the image search that Google has was very much in its trial period (I also was not aware of it at this time). I had also printed off cards and was testing them out very casually online on my own page, so I was not really too bothered about ownership or documenting where an image had come from because they were for my personal use and really to answer a question on a paper as well.


However now that is starting to change because the more I am testing out the cards and the more they are resonating with people, I am now starting to wonder if I should begin to take the project further and using the images as a template, maybe look into creating an actual deck. The interesting thing is that I received an email the other day that told me about a deck of cards that had been created by another Angelic Reiki Master, who also does publishing. However this deck is more in-line with some of the authors already out there and they do not have the same feel or vibe as the ones that I have created.


What Next?

Heart Chakra

For the moment I am continuing to ‘field test’ the cards online and possibly within my Angelic Reiki as well as other workshops that I plan to do in the coming months. This will allow me to get a feel for what I need to change, tighten up or failing that find an artist, funding and a publisher and move into the next phase, which will be making my own cards a reality. You can follow my progress, check out the card readings and find out more about me and all my work here through this site or on Facebook.

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