Past Life Regression Experience – Part 1

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Since working with the Angelic Kingdom, I have come to discover the soul voice; it’s not like a second voice in the head but more like a song without words. It’s that deepest aspect that causes Déjà Vu, the recognition of a face or voice without explanation or the when you meet someone you have a gut instinct that really defies understanding.
As I have travelled along my Sojourn, or Soul Journey; I have come to learn many things, the first is not all recurrences are bad or cycles needing broken; the second is that regression into past lives work, no matter how it is done and third; well the third thing is more of a personal realisation, which is that I really don’t need to validate my experiences anymore, I just need to verify that certain things I have experienced along this Sojourn path.
I can imagine the validation/verification part may seem a bit confusing because it might be hard to figure out what I mean by that. It hasn’t escaped my notice that I am not like other Reiki Masters, Card Readers or Mediums for that matter, because of this I have for long enough felt the personal need to validate myself or provide proof that I know what I am talking about etc.
When the reality is I really don’t need to, I don’t see any other Medium, Card Reader or Reiki Master explaining themselves, so then why should I? Therefore I have stopped looked to validate myself to prove that I am just as good as someone else, its born from the competitive edge that Social Media as well as this fragmented society that seems to be perpetuated by the ‘machine’ – for what of a better way to explain it – However that doesn’t mean that I just simply take my own experiences verbatim, so where possible I like to research them or experience them through past life regression.
Regression is something that I have long had an interest in, for the last 10 years on and off where possible I have been a willing subject for past life regression; our closed circle would often hold Past life Regression sessions on a Monday afternoon, our teacher and now lifelong friend would record our sessions on to tape and we would listen to them after.
For my 41st Birthday I decided that I would like to experience Past Life Regression from someone else, since the group folded in 2010/2011 through circumstances and life changes, I haven’t had the chance to really go into the Trance state and beyond, I have experienced glimpses and Akashic Recordings from my own perspective through meditation and also Angelic Reiki but this time it would be out my hands.
I suppose on some level you could say I was testing myself to see if all the experiences had the same energy or feeling to them. It’s been three weeks now since I had the regression and you know something, there is no difference as such in the energy feeling, but there is a definite feeling of letting go of the need to be in control.
When you are working in the meditative state or working with the Akashic energy vibrations, you have to maintain a certain amount of cognitive control, so even though you are completely relaxed, and within that altered state there is a part of you that is still mindful of the present.
That is why being taken through the regression is a lot better in many ways, you don’t need to focus or have cognitive control; for the time you are in the regression state that is someone else’s job, to be the anchor here in the present moment to bring you back.
I had no preconceived ideas of where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be, I simply wanted to get an answer to a question and have the experience. I got to have both. So I am in the following post going to share what I experienced…