Violet Flame Angelic Reiki


Angelic Reiki

A.A. MetatronAngelic Reiki was developed through 2008. In 2012 Kevin Core, and Christine Core, shared it with others. It is considered simple, potent, and powerful in the healing energy that Angels and Source, overlight.

It removes any need to remember symbols or hand positions. Requiring only one stance, and the simple healing methods benefit the self and others.


Awakening the Violet Flame Chakra

St. GermainIn 2013 Edwin Courtenay, channelled Awakening the Violet Flame. Diana Savil, inspired by St. Germain further developed the Violet Flame information. 

The Awakening is deep, personal, and transformative. It forms deeper connections with the soul and Ascended Masters working with the energy.



Violet Flame Angelic Reiki

St. GermainThrough 2019 and 2020, Violet Flame Angelic Reiki, was originally additional information to the transformative Awakening the Violet Flame Chakra.

Now it is a new method of healing, fusing together the energy of the Violet Flame, and Angelic Reiki. The energy, healing and philosophy in both help clear channels and remove complicated levels, to awaken your own soul.