Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

Introduction to the Master Teacher

The journey from Practitioner, to Master and then becoming a Master Teacher is quite honestly life changing, to take all that you have learnt and understand about Angelic Reiki and to be able to then show others that journey and help them come into their awakening is special. If you are already a Master/Teacher then it can be hard to transitioning from doing to being…

Brief Comparison of Teaching Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki

I am trained in a lot of Reiki Systems, Usui Reiki, Karuna, Kundalini are the main ones and in each of them you are Doing, in Angelic Reiki the Master Teacher is Being. I have a deep connection, passion and equal preference for all these system, however I recognise the difference between Being and Doing. Simply put it is not just in the style and it is also in the way in which these wonderful healing methods are taught.

Within Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training, like Karuna and Kundalini there is a lot of emphasis on remembering the sequence of Attunement; from the symbols that are given during the attunement, to the symbols that are included in each attunement level. This can prove to be quite stressful.

Angelic Reiki teaching and facilitation really has no stress. The Facilitation of Attunement and the delivery of the Healing Techniques are given to you in a training manual that like Angelic Reiki itself is simple, straightforward and is identical to every other teacher/facilitator which means that you are delivering the same attunement in the same way as I have been taught and the same way my master/teacher was taught.

How Do You Learn to Facilitate The Workshop & Attunement?

As soon as you express an interest with me in becoming a Master Teacher, I will organise for an afternoon meeting with myself, where I will give you what is needed to facilitate a workshop. You will then get enough time to look through it, work with it and then I will invite you to join and co-facilitate an Angelic Reiki Practitioners Workshop. During this you will open the space, conduct one attunement, one of the healing techniques as well as closing the Space. This may sound daunting but you don’t have to worry, as you will be fully supported from the moment you decide this is what you want to do as well as full encouragement and support on the days of your training.

The Master Teacher Certificate

The Master Teacher Certificate includes the following:

  • Full Comprehensive Teaching Manual
  • Facilitation of First Degree Attunement
  • Facilitation of Opening the Space
  • Facilitation of At least One Healing Technique
  • Practical Experience in the Following:
    • Learning How to Open the Space
    • Learning How to Facilitate a Workshop
    • Learning How to Structure a Workshop
    • Learning How to Source your Master Crystals
    • Learning How to set up the altar
    • Learning How to be present and allow your students to share
    • Learning How to be present and use your active listening skills
    • Practical Tips, Experience & Guidance on Manuals, Workshop Sizes and Pricing

Pricing Information

Master Teacher Training Cost is £198

Further Information

Since starting my Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Journey, I have learnt from experience that it is only possible to invite one potential Master Teacher on to a workshop. It allows me as the Teacher/Facilitator to give you the best experience possible so that the experiences you have and gain are as wonderful as the journey you took to reach this point. The reason as you will discover when you begin the Journey of becoming a Master Teacher, why the teacher certificate is not part of the Master Level Certificate is there is a lot you have to learn and cover.

There would be physical or possible way to have this included without having to sacrifice or do an injustice to the things that you learn during the Master Certificate. Therefore a choice was made to separate the Master Teacher so that you can be given the best possible experience of learning during both the Practitioners and also the Master Teacher Level as well if you wish to do it. As Facilitator/Teacher I work with the Angelic Kingdom so that we can co-create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment; where profound changes and light hearted moments can be allowed to happen for you and the students that will be there with you in the journey.

In my experience as you co-facilitate the workshop with me, I find it helps to discuss your experiences and ask questions. Therefore I will actively encourage you to share as much or as little as you like about the experiences throughout the workshop, although this will be done during breaks and lunch as well as before and after the workshop days. As always all I ask in return is for the journey to be treated with the appropriate respect. During the workshop days you may find that the temperature of the room may vary; so as a suggestion you may like to wear loose comfortable clothing (maybe layers) and if you have a favourite cushion or blanket please feel free to bring it with you.

Within the ‘Sacred Space’ I create an altar, where the Master Crystals are kept and given to Students. I invite you to place crystals, pictures, jewellery, cards etc that you connect to on the altar so that they may receive energy from the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

Please remember to bring a notepad and pen so that you can make notes and write down any questions or observations that you want to discuss and talk over.