Angelic Reiki


Between 2003 and 2005, Angelic Reiki was channelled by Archangel Metatron, through Kevin Core, the founder of the Angelic Reiki System. The whole system is a gift to humanity to allow us to raise our vibration and help heal one another as well as ourselves. The master/teacher acts as the facilitator to hold the space for the angels and the angelic kingdom to attune those wishing it to higher vibrations, allowing them to further understand their own likeness and being as well as heal themselves and others if they so wish.

The Workshop Days

The Angelic Reiki Workshops are facilitated over two or three days (depending on numbers and level). These workshops are structured to ensure that there is equal amounts of time for practically working with the healing techniques as well as having time to feedback and receiving the attunements.

Is there a Difference Between Usui Reiki & Angelic Reiki?

I began my journey through Reiki as an Usui Practitioner and then became a Master Teacher in Usui. In the three years that I have been involved with Angelic Reiki, I find that this is the topic that causes the most confusion; for me I would say that there is a difference between Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki.

However it is not in the way you might think; neither is superior to the other (Archangel Metatron has urged me to get that message across) both service a very high purpose in the ways of healing. The differences are that in Usui Reiki you are a human doing; you are either doing the attunements (as the master) or receiving the attunements, you are either (as the master) teaching, whether it is the symbols or hand positions. As the student you are having to actively learn and remember; This same learn and remember applies when you are learning to become the master, there is the sense that you are actively doing…

In Angelic Reiki, you are being… You are being present for the attunements, you are being present as you come into your understanding of the healing methods and as for the symbols, these are in your manual so there is no need to remember them or work out the right way to draw them, finally there is one position for the hands. Angelic Reiki is experienced, at the soul level just as much as at the physical level. You do not need to have any concerns about experience, or worry that it may conflict with your beliefs; like Usui Reiki, working with Angelic Reiki is not about religion it is about being open to the experience.

Further Information

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me about Angelic Reiki. It is my pleasure as well as my job to discuss all aspects from the personal to the professional and please remember that all our conversations will be held in strictest confidence at all times, there are further details with regards to the different levels involved with Angelic Reiki in the Menu above.