Being Jay, has not been the easiest journey; there has been over two decades of reinvention and detours down a few blind alleys. After answering some questions on faith, sexuality and life, it was time for his first brush with business.

In 2002, the Self-Help Therapy and Tarot Centre was born. After a fun challenging year, the hardest lesson of business was learned; it’s alright to fail, but it’s not alright to give up completely. Discovering that he had dyslexia in 2004, helped change a bad year of bullying and pseudo-gender harassment into one of life changing decisions. 2005 began with starting up as a self-employed hairdresser. This was another hard lesson in business; reputation comes second to self-worth! As 2005 ended the words, “Clinically Obese”, were uttered and a different lesson started.

Weight loss brought its own challenges, over 2006/07, while learning to work as part of a team and part of a global concern allowed for the recognition of self-worth, while in itself a valued lesson; the middle of 2008, taught the third lesson of business; be as truthful as possible, because all that shines may not necessarily be gold.

Pain, loss and realisation that genuine people are hard to find and rarer to make friends with became the lessons over a seven-year period. Accepting these as gifts, meant embracing being a Medium and Healer/Practitioner in Angelic and Usui Reiki.

As 2019 dawns, it is the recognition of his passion for people, and holding space for their healing in whatever way is right for them that remains paramount, after all that is how this journey started all those decades ago.