About Jay Cassels



My Spiritual Journey probably began before being incarnated into this lifetime, which is a little ‘out there’ even for me, but as I have learnt and been told so many times over the last 5 plus years ‘Out there’ is where my soul came from and will go back to, so I had best get used to talking about it and dealing with it…


How my Journey Began…


Since birth I have always been connected and guided in a very natural and instinctive way, being ‘Earthly’ wasn’t really in my nature but over time I suppose I learnt how to blend in. During my school years and high school years I was very much the loner and outsider for many reasons, which opened the doorway for me to discover the ethereal worlds and spiritual guides. Although I did not start working and embracing them fully until a few years later in the mid 90’s.


Thanks to some digging in my old school and college records, I managed to work out that I started my journey into Spiritual Work about 26 years ago. Looking for a book in my local library to do with a project for college, I was instructed by my guide to take out a book called ‘Encyclopedia of the Supernatural’ which to this day, some 26 years later I have yet to find again. In this book there was an entry for Tarot Cards, and it referenced a set called the IJJ Tarot; which I eventually bought the following year.


The funny thing about it was the deck was French and I did not do that well in my French exams at School, so I learnt to read the cards in a very unique way, I trusted my intuition and also was guided by my Spiritual Guides as well, over the next two years or so I collected a few different decks; and it was thanks to the Mythic Tarot that I was introduced to the worlds of giving readings. My first reading was given during a break at college, and the woman I read for received exactly what she needed from me.


I was given encouragement to do some more readings and eventually this opened the door to working with Spiritual communication and Spiritualism, both of which helped shaped my beliefs as that are today. It was during this time that I had a brief flirtation with journalism, but I came back to working with Tarot Cards, this time professionally with different places in the local area. However both places eventually closed their doors and I returned to the working world where I had another brief flirtation this time with the beauty/hairdressing industry.


Again this did not last long but it brought into my awareness that clients and customers seemed to feel comfortable enough around me to ‘open’ up, and while this was welcomed at the time, it also showed me that this world of hairdressing & beauty was really only to shine a light on the need for me to return to the world of Tarot Cards and Spiritual work. By this time I had started doing distance learning and had gained skills in Parapsychology, Character Analysis and Numerology.


Where My Journey Has Led Me…


My ‘tool box’ and many of my skills have developed through watching and working in different industry areas, and while none of those areas were me; I realised that working with the Tarot, was opening up the development of my spiritual side. I began working with spiritual churches, sitting in both private and open development groups, until I found myself being pulled to uncover my Craft roots.


Since 1998 I have studied the Mantic Arts such as Parapsychology, Character Analysis and Numerology as well as Wicca, Druid and also Paganism over a long period of time. Through these I have that my belief system is an amalgam of cultural and spiritual beliefs from across the world.


I also found that my desire to help, is one of the reasons I am drawn to working with Tarot, Clairvoyance and Healing. These natural gifts have led me to being introduced to holistic healing, and from there I have developed my own natural healing ways not unlike the mystics, shamans or oracles of old…


In more recent years I have added skills in Journal Therapy, Psychology of Self, Dream Analysis, Meditation Teaching, Counselling Skills, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Astrology, Angel Healing, Holistic Crystal Therapy, Advanced Crystal Healing as well as the Rites of the Mun Ay Ki and I am currently adding Meridian Psychotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes Tui Na, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Acupressure, Acupuncture (in theory only).


Tai Chi / Chi Kung Classes


Prior to taking up studies in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I have been practising Tai Chi and Chi Kung as a lay-person for some years, partly as a way to relax but also as part of my routine of exercise. This led me like many things in my life to taking up the study of both and in turn has placed me in the position where I will be starting classes in the local area.


My classes like my workshops (discussed below) are simple, straightforward and open to all regardless of experience levels. They are great for toning the mind, body and soul as well as great for just switching off as believe it or they are about turning off the mind and being in the body.


My Workshops


I run different kinds of workshops, these vary from one day workshops on Meditation and Trance Mediumship, Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki as well as Crystal Workshops and other one day experiential days.


All my workshops are run with you in mind, so I keep them as simple and straightforward as possible, I also ensure to support you in your process but give you the room to experience and be at the same time.


I maintain a level and standard throughout all my workshops and honour the teachings that I have been given, while also making it my own at the same time. My workshops are usually weekend and local to either Glasgow or South Lanarkshire.