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Welcome, almost every blog hop that I have encountered have set up a format and rules. The format and the rules that are established, create a sense of continuity and familiarity no matter the topic, wrangler or blog you are on.
The two blog hops that I am apart of have pretty much the same format and rules, so I decided that I was going to put them up here on my site as a page. It means that I can refer you to them through the different posts that I do.
Here are rules for these hop.
1. Do I have to follow a special format?
Actually, YES! The following things should be present as part of a blog hop.
• ONE: On both the top and bottom line put links for PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG
• TWO: Using this format helps people navigate more easily (See below).
• THREE: Include the topic suggestion as part of your post.
• FOUR: Make sure the post is relevant to the Group topic.
• FIVE: If you are Wrangling (See Rule 5) then make sure to have all the topic information on your Master List.
So your post will look like this:
Whatever it is that you want to say…

2. Why can’t I just post whenever I like? Does it need to be at the time on the Sign Up Sheet?
You absolutely MUST post at the same time. Not before. Not after (although mistakes happen). All Hops are like the mythical town of Brigadoon; it all shows up at the same time. So, yes that means for some, it may mean staying up till 2am for the blog postings. However you can either stay up to post at the right time, or learn how to do schduling or post-dating (see rule 6). It is best to check your local time with apps / sites like: ( or
3. Do I have to leave comments?
***Actually, YES!***
• Leave at least five comments on fellow bloggers posts
It’s also recommended that you share on Social Media Platforms such as: Twitter, G+, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on. The emphasis of any hop is to build community, sharing and commenting help build that community.
Additionally using the hashtag #tarotbloghop or #reikibloghop when you do. That way others can find your shares!
4. What if I sign up and then can’t post?
These that things happen, but please note if you do this continually, Admins might ask that you not participate in future hops. It is not respectful of your fellow bloggers to cancel last minute. If you must cancel, you are responsible for letting your neighbors know. You must post a comment and tag them. If you cannot tag them, it is your responsibility to email them. Please don’t cancel any later than 24 hours before a hop.
5 What is A Wrangler and How do I become one?
The Wrangler is like the organiser of the Blop hop, they set the topic, the date and time. You can volunteer to wrangle after you have written for a few of the topics, let one of the group admins know your interested in wrangling.
6. How to use Postdate?


Blogger: Google Help: Blogger Support

Typepad: Typepad Support: See Default Publishing Status

WordPress: WordPress Support: Schedule A Post
6a. How do I postdate if none of those work for me?
Typically most of the Sane Hoppers set an alarm, the rest of us don’t sleep or we make sure the time is set at a semi-sane hour… usually…
7. When can I announce my blog?
It is suggested that you wait at least a few hours, depending on how many take part in a Hop, there is normally a period where the wrangler ends up demented while we go through the hour of mad postings, which typically consist of “Your link doesn’t work” and “Why does your link show a post from 2016” or other fun things like “Why does blogger not let me comment?”



This document you are reading right now is based on
Many thanks to Arwen Lynch Poe, who transcribed on Saturday, 21 January 2012 at 05:58 a version of this document on to the Tarot Blog Hop, which can be found here: need to be a member of the group
Many thanks also go to Joy Veron, who transcribed on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 at 00:40 the rules of the Reiki Blog Hop, of which some are featured on this page.
The full version of those rulse can be found here: need to be a member of the group
It is my hope that this page has been of help and a useful handy reference guide to anyone that is new to this.
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