Daily Archives: 20th March 2018

Tarot Blog Hop: 16 – Sing! 6

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG   Hello and welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for March 2018; this month it’s my turn to hold the Tarot Baton of Wrangling. Since this is a special anniversary hop, I listened to the muses (the others in this awesome group) […]

Tarot: The Musical – Master List Ostara 2018 2

LAST BLOG | MASTER LIST | FIRST BLOG   Welcome one and Welcome all to this very special Tarot Blog Hop!, I started thinking about this way back on 8 January 2018 (and updated it on 31st January 2018 and then again on 13th February 2018), I started doing these […]